We will always suffer from setbacks in life. Some of them will be drastic and some will be minor but they will occur. The true measure of a man or woman’s grit lies in the amount of resolve that they will show in order to recover from a setback. A setback will cause you to miss your dream or goals if you allow it. It is very frustrating to give your life and time to a goal only to see your dreams dashed to pieces. If you can recover you will be successful. The key is to never give up on your aspirations. I always like to believe that victory lies just outside of my grasp and not view victory as a distant dream. This effectively keeps me motivated and moving toward my goal.

Unexpected setbacks can cause feelings of anger, frustration, disappointment, doubt, hopelessness, and concern. Sometimes life’s setbacks can be severe. Sometimes they can even be debilitating to the point of depression. Feeling depressed , worried, or otherwise giving in to your feelings will not help you to recover from your situation. Feelings in this sense are not a good thing to have. The situation is what it is. Your focus needs to be on fixing your situation rather than on what it has cost you. A person who had a business and lost it has an advantage because he or she has the experience to be able to do it again.

A setback can be good in the fact that it shows you the fatal mistake that you may have made which can be avoided in the next evolution.

If you have to cry go ahead and cry. Get it over so that you can move on in life. Once you have cried put it behind you. Do it all at one time so that you don’t have to come back later in life and cry again. When you begin to move forward don’t look back. Looking back will make you want to go back. Looking forward will keep you moving forward. Determine to move forward and then do it.

You may have to take some time to plan your recovery. I encourage this is the situation gives you time to do so. I once suffered a setback which was so severe that I didn’t have time to plan my recovery. I had to begin moving immediately in the new direction. It took me down to the wire but it didn’t kill me. It took me quite a while to get over the bitterness of the situation but eventually I did. I know deep down that I am a better person because of that setback. Would I do it over again? Heck no, but I can appreciate what it did for my character development. It has taught me some good hard lessons that will take me far. I would never have gotten the training without the setback but I know that I am the better for it. It would be difficult for another setback to make me flinch because I have been through the trouble and pain.

I love to read the biblical story of Joseph and how he was sold into slavery at a young age. His own brothers hated him and caused him to be sold into slavery. He was also wrongfully accused of adultery and sent to prison. Yet he was always put in charge wherever he went. As a slave his master put him in charge of his entire household. When he was a prisoner he was put in charge of the rest of the prisoners. This tells me that despite all that he went through Joseph maintained a positive attitude and outlook on life. His attitude finally paid off when Pharoah put him in charge of all of the treasures of Egypt. Joseph had to make a choice in each setback that he suffered. He had to choose to not allow the situation to dictate his attitude. He chose to maintain a good attitude throughout his time of trouble. It worked for him and can work for you also. The Good Life

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