It is that time of the year, when we all would b attending gatherings, social events, family invites and merry making. Maybe just another helping of that chocolate soufflé would be fine, or another bite of that juicy egg roll with cheese in it, but when the winter party moment fades away and it’s time for spring, our clothes don’t fit. This is when we aren’t beach ready and look back at the amount of unhealthy fattening foods we’ve eaten; wish we didn’t, but we did! Sounds familiar? We can’t blame you, and since it is the holiday season, there would be a lot of indulging happening. So, its mind over matter now, and here are five ways to unconsciously stick to a healthy eating habit!

Play with substitutions

What you need to stock up the fridge with are healthy shares of foods that replace fatty foods or foods that you crave for. In the book Be Fearless: Change Your Life in 28 Days, Jonathan Alpert, a New York City-based psychotherapist and author of the book says it is possible to overcome cravings for foods that increase the waistline. For example, he spoke of how kale chips can be a crispy munch to substitute over potato chips or instead of ice-cream, one could have a freshly made smoothie from fresh fruits stocked up at home! It takes time, but the tastebuds would enjoy the savouring!

Go small with spoons and plates

Weight loss experts and dieticians suggest using smaller cups, bowls, plates and spoons which allows you to trick the mind into thinking you are eating enough. According to FoodPsychology, the easiest way to do so, because using smaller plates, cutlery and so on would hold less food for you and make each serving look like its more than enough. When the plate is done and over with, your brain is tricked into telling you you’ve eaten more than you could; in the long run, you would notice the difference. With the latest advent in technology, to trick your mind into eating less you can also browse through a range of portion control plates at The separate compartments of the plate measure perfect carb and protein portions directly onto plate or into bowl--making weight management easy. Do apply for Sears Card as cardholders get special discount all day long. In a hurry to make the purchase and still want maximum saving possible in each of your purchase? Then, do check out online Sears discounts as they can help you with a wide range of deals, such as huge percentages off any order, percentages off when you buy from a certain range, and hard cash discounts on your orders, as well as free shipping deals.

Stop worrying so much

Everyone has problems and worries of their own, and they mostly would look for comfort foods to satisfy their raging emotions. You could doing the same, without realising that the happy hormones in our bodies being released because of the carbs from comfort foods we get are balancing out the serotonin levels and beating the blues in turn. Comfort foods aren’t any good for the waist line, which is why, one has to learn how to focus on other things happening in life- plan your day out, write a journal and socialise more, which helps bring down the brains’ craving for more comfort foods.

Music is nirvana

If you’ve had a bad day and want some respite, comfort foods are not the way to do so. Music can help, and when you listen to soothing music, studies have shown that the same can help decrease the production of cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone and increase card cravings over time and stores a lot of fat too. Soft music makes you eat lesser, say experts from the world of fitness and this also helps you reduce the cravings of wanting to eat more and more as well; the brain is thus tricked!

Drink water

Did you know, drinking a full glass of water before your meals and throughout the day (a litre at least) suppresses the appetite and tricks the brain into thinking that your stomach is full. What happens next is that you eat smaller portions, and in due course of time you tend to shed the unhealthy weight you gained! Water suppresses the cravings and helps burn calories too, say medical experts!

Try these five ways of tricking the brain into lesser eating and keep the body beach ready for spring 2017!

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