Many of us think that losing weight is hard, that it takes a long time and that it only "works" for some people and not for others. The truth is that losing weight is not hard but the way we've been told to do it certainly is. With all these FAD diets its almost impossible to develop a long term weight loss solution. Not only is it almost impossible to maintain, its not a healthy solution. Any weight loss strategy that does not put health first is not worth perusing.

So, how can you lose weight, be healthy and do it without the usual struggles? There are a few fundamental things that you need to address and they can be solved in very simple ways. Here are 3 things to implement as soon as possible.

1. Overeating

As one of the major causes of weight problems, its no wonder that we eat way too much. Your stomach is roughly the size of your fist and if you compare that to the size of your meals, its a scary thought. In America especially we've grown accustomed to getting massive plates of food. Its seen as "good value" but as the portions got bigger, so did our wast sizes. An easy solution to this is to start eating smaller meals. Over eating is a bad habit. Buy smaller plates. As simple as it sounds, its a proven way to make you eat less.

2. Quality

We all know that the quality of what we eat plays a big role in our weight loss efforts. Even though we all know this, we've become so "addicted" to foods that taste good and that offers that instant feel good factor (mainly because of the sugar) that fresh fruit and vegetables are no longer a priority in family meals. The best way to eliminate junk food from your diet is to start introducing something good into every meal. Its mu8ch easier to introduce good food than it is to try and remove bad foods.

3. Eating Times

Do you have regular eating times or do you just eat whenever? The times you eat have a big influence on your weight loss efforts. You need to eat breakfast and preferably first thing in the morning. This will help get your metabolism up and prevent snacking on bad food throughout the morning. Never skip lunch because it will just make you want to eat more at dinner. For dinner, try and finish your dinner at least 3 hours before bed time.

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Article by John C. Burrow - Please visit John's website for more infromation and advice.