In order to lose weight you must first look at why you have become overweight. What choices, subconscious or unconscious, led you to this point? Sometimes it may feel like you have always been so, that it is out of your control. But this is the furthest thing from the truth. Weight comes by choices we make every day. The most important step to realizing your weight goal is to let go of the idea that this is you, that you have no options and believe you can’t be who you want to be. Sometimes we block ourselves from happiness. We accept and hold on to the weight to confirm our unhappiness. But you can let go of weight, you can become the person you see yourself as.

Weight not only exists as a byproduct of overeating and not enough exercise but also as a self-image. By this I mean that how you see yourself, what you believe you are capable of, plays just as big a part as eating right and exercising daily. If you see yourself losing weight as a true probability, not a struggle, you’ve lifted a huge burden. Of course you can become a stronger you, you have the ability and the right to do so. It is not necessary to carry excess or come to accept that is how it is. There is a balance of food in and expenditure out. The more in met by less out and you will gain. Now this doesn’t mean you have to starve or excessively exercise. It just means you can find your own personal balance.

When you let go of the idea of a need for a diet or pushing yourself, it gets easier. Find what you need to be happy and satisfied with food. Do you love to engage in exercise often or only at certain moments? Be honest with what feeds you and satisfies you. When you set goals for yourself that are not true to you, it is far easier to fail. But when you are honest to yourself about what you need and like in life, you are closer to yourself and success. If you can find balance and release the negative image of yourself, then you will find it can all flow together. You will find that there is no need to fight or struggle your way through a diet and to watch yourself fail because it didn’t fit you. When you realize it is not about diets or conforming to an exercise regime, but rather satisfying yourself from the inside out you will be happier.

Look inside and ask what makes you happy. If it is food, look deeper. Ask why you need food; is it to satiate hunger or does it stand for more? It can hold many meanings. If you can see why, it then becomes easier to deal with and to release the struggle. Ask yourself if you enjoy exercise, what type, and what do you really like? It does not have to be a lot, it only needs to fit you and make you happy. If you are content without exercising this is okay, for it is you we are talking about, not someone else. Believe you are wise enough to choose and to know what you need. It may be that as you begin to lose weight, moving and exercising will become more appealing and satisfying. But make it your choice and for your happiness. Remember that how you see yourself goes a long way. If you believe you deserve to lose weight and that you can, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, to hold you back.

Losing weight is not about self -control, it is about realizing you can lose weight through honesty with yourself and trust in your own decisions. If you choose to eat something you know you “shouldn’t”, let it be okay, for it is your choice and not a struggle. This is about accepting and trusting yourself and not about inner battles. When you believe in who you are and what you are doing, it gives you a huge sense of self-worth. Know that by coming about weight loss through this way- by acceptance, trust, and honesty with who you are- you may not see fast drops, like on a diet, but then again anything is possible. What you will find is that it gets easier, for you are listening to yourself rather than old habits or someone else. You begin to trust your choices and little by little those choices will reflect what you need. You give yourself space to reflect on what you want, what will make you happy and believe it is okay. Happiness comes from many sources, the most important being from inside of you.

Let go of the idea that weight-loss is a struggle and find out what you really need. Accept who you are and believe that you can change and the weight will come off. Trust your own decisions; know that you will make the right ones for you. Listen to what you need, want, and what will make you happy. Through the course of things and in the long run you will find yourself losing weight. You will see yourself becoming what you always saw yourself as. You may ask why did this happen, why was it so easy? It was because you listened and trusted yourself through every step. Remember, we are each unique with different bodies, hearts, and minds. What works for us, what will bring us happiness and peace from within, is special only to us. You know what you need, like, and dislike. Listen and trust in your choices. Give yourself the power to be in control and know that you are wise and capable of being who you want to be from this day forward. Small steps lead to big ones. Begin today and watch the steps grow and you will see a slimmer you.

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Adam Benedetto and Zoe Young are both dedicated to enabling others to reach their full potential in life by helping them release what is holding them back so that they can become their true selves. Through years of experience and development, both have sought out the answers we all need to find peace, understand ourselves, and reach enlightenment.

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