Gotta Let You Go… Now What? Those words (or just the fear of hearing them) haunt just about every job holder in today’s “deadsville” economy. Losing a job is a real possibility these days even for long-time loyal employees. I cannot begin to alleviate your pain if this has happened to you recently. However I want to point out the silver lining in the otherwise dark clouds that are hanging over you right now. Answer this question for me: did you get up every morning for this job excited to go to work and dive right in? If not then why are you looking for another one of these dead ends? You now have an incredible opportunity to reinvent your life and begin pursuing the dreams that you never seriously considered before.
The economy is bad for a reason. We are in a transition from an old economy to a new and very different one. May I suggest that this is the time to jump off of that old clunker of a train and board the “new” economy? Perhaps this time you won’t be worried about what you’ll do in retirement because you will be doing what you love everyday!
Chase your passions – those things that you’d do for free. There are today an incredible number of ways to “monetize” (earn money) while doing just about anything. So why not take this opportunity to go after what you love? Just imagine yourself going from down in the dumps to thrilled to be alive in the time it takes for you to make this decision for yourself. Hey, it’s your life. Maybe it’s time to start living it?

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Hugh DeBurgh, The Passionate Warrior, has dedicated his life to the achievement of the ultimate family lifestyle. You can find him writing about Creative Family Lifestyle Design over at his blog, The Way of the Passionate Warrior. Currently he is on the second leg of a worldwide travel adventure with his wife and four young children. His blog is at .