As we head into mid-life we sometimes feel we are in crisis. We feel loss everywhere we turn; loss of our youth, loss of a relationship, loss of children to significant others, careers or school. We feel the loss of friendships, friends or relatives though death. Loss just circles us like buzzards over a carcass in a hot desert. We feel the silence of loss – it is so loud that it screeches at us to listen, but w tend to cover our ears. It takes a toll - but only if we let it.

Turn the word loss around – ssol. Amongst these letters is the word “sol” which is Spanish for “sun.” The sun represents the center of our universe. It signifies growth, warmth and guidance of light. It is a certainty in our lives that the sun will rise each morning to lead us through the day and set each night to rest the weary, only to rise once again the next morn right on schedule whether we can see it or not.

So refocus your energy on loss. Look at it a source of light – a beacon that lets us know that we are constantly moving forward. Look at loss as an opening made on a shelf that was filled with life’s treasures. Where the dust never fell is a space to fill with new trinkets of our journeys.

Nothing slams the effects of loss to us as a sudden death. We all know that we should live life in the moment but when someone close to us suddenly dies we are shook to the core with our on mortality. We wonder if we new then what we know now could we have prevented the loss? But going back to finding how to change the “then” is impossible and waste of energy. We are alive and should celebrate what this moment or day brings. We should cherish it and not wish it way. Let the day reveal its twists and turns as an unruly monster roller - coaster because life is a mystery. With any loss this day brings, you have the choice on how to live this fabulous day and with that have gratitude for the “now” that is meant to happen.

Make each day in this mid-life journey count. Find one moment of joy or pleasure to taste. Call one dear friend or find one person to bestow love on. Even share a vibrant smile with someone new, but no matter what kind of day you perceive it to be, live today for yourself. Let the “sol” guide you to a perfectly wonderful day and let any loss be your teacher of what you want to active to fill its spot in the future. Bask in all you have in living today and each day in its fullest.

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Tamara Elizabeth is a certified self-love and transformational coach and Master Motivator of women in transition. She empowers women to look into the mirror and reflect the fabulously lovable selves. She is the author of an inspirational workbook for women titled,” Fabulously Fifty and Reflecting It! –Discovering My Lovable Me. Tamara strives to find the humor in life and you will find your coaching experience very positive – the ride of your life. Do you want to discover how to empower yourself, and reflect upon your own journey to self-love? You are welcome to visit Tamara Elizabeth @ Do yourself the favor - It is setting an intention towards your goal.