Our energy levels change constantly, and they can be a reminder of how we are doing internally. If we look at how we feel and how much energy we have, it often correlates because how we are feeling or thinking about something can consume and also regulate the flow of energy that is available to us. Your emotional or mental state often determines how much energy you will have physically. If you are overwhelmed emotionally or mentally, your energy will often become depleted. When you are feeling content and at ease with the world and yourself, do you notice how much more energy you seen to have? On days when you feel down, overwhelmed, or distracted, how is your energy level then?

When we are wrapped up in issues that overtake us, it will also consume our energy. Over long periods of time, if these issues are not resolved, it can seriously deplete our energy. To keep your flow of energy moving and at its highest level, the level we are all meant to operate on, we must keep ourselves clear emotionally and mentally. When an issue overcomes you, it will also physically weigh you down. When you let go of the issue, whether you can resolve it or not, you lift away the weight. Your energy moves and rises because you are letting go of the issue that blocked your energy. It can be an old issue, one you have held onto for a long time or a new problem that has overtaken your life. Any issue which overwhelms you in some way will also overwhelm your energy level. It will deplete it and consume it in a way, just as your issue is consuming you.

Being tired or feeling like you don’t have enough energy is often your body’s way of showing you that you need to let go of something. For if your sleep and eating patterns have not been altered and you have been checked medically, yet you still feel weak, tired, and have no energy, then it is time to look at your internal state more closely. Is there something that has been overwhelming you, and could this be the reason for why you feel like you have no energy? Is there something you can let go of so that your energy can move again, and so that you can feel better? Let yourself take a break from the issue; put it aside if it doesn’t feel like you can let it go. Give yourself a break and your body a chance to resume its normal balance of energy. By doing so, you may find you gain a different outlook because of your rising energy levels; you may even see the issue in a whole new way. Perhaps you may even be able to let it go once you are feeling better. Feeling better and having more energy is worth the effort to let go or lay your issue down; release the weight of your issue and your energy will rise.

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