Perhaps one of the worst things that could happen in regards to your mouth is you damage or lose a tooth. Aside from the pain that you might experience, there's going to be a space in the mouth where the tooth was, which can decrease a person’s self-esteem. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can replace the tooth so that you can have a beautiful smile once again.

Partial Denture

An easy way to replace multiple lost teeth that are knocked out is to have a partial denture made. The denture is worn during the day mostly, but it can be worn at night as well. You can take it out when needed so that you have the natural feeling in your mouth or put the partial denture in when you're meeting other people during the day. There usually isn't a need to file down other teeth in the mouth for the partial to fit.


If you didn’t entirely lose your tooth and it is just worn down or damaged, a dental crown is a common treatment option. A dental crown is simply an artificial tooth placed over the damaged one to restore a natural appearance and give a functional chewing surface. Dental crowns are a relatively short-term solution, as they may break or dislodge within five to ten years.

Bridging Together

This is an option that works well if one or more teeth are beside each other when they are knocked out or if you need to have a tooth removed beside the one that has been knocked out. This is an option that is permanent as the bridge is cemented in place. Since the bridge is fixed in place, there isn't a risk of it sliding as you might see with a partial denture.


Often if someone has an infected tooth, the first response by dentists from places like Top Dental will be to perform a root canal to try to save the tooth. Unfortunately sometimes a person will still lose the tooth and need tooth replacement surgery. If you're looking for a simple way to gain back your smile after losing a tooth, then consider a dental implant.
The process might take a little longer to complete as the jaw has to heal to receive the new tooth, but it's more of a permanent option than others that are available. You can chew almost anything with the implant and treat it like a natural tooth when brushing and flossing.
You only get one set of natural adult teeth. When one of those teeth is knocked out, you might think that there isn't a solution to get your smile back. With a little effort and a visit to the dentist, you'll find that there are options available to replace the missing tooth.

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