This is true most of the time when it comes to our jobs where we have to negotiate every day. The same is true when deciding to go the outsourcing route (as we discussed before that you may have access to cheap and highly skilled talent but that often comes with the price of not being gifted with good commutation skills as English might not be your hire’s first language). But then again, clear and concise communication is non-negotiable in the workplace. This is the very foundation of a good organization and successful output. How many times have we seen teams crumble because of miscommunication (Hello, team challenges on reality shows?). Even marriages fail because of this. And this threat is ever present in outsourced digital marketing teams. So how do we mitigate this risk? See our tips below:

The Devil Is Always in the Details

Still and forever will be, being crystal clear and cutthroat about the details of your project, its scope, what you want to achieve, results and expectations you are looking for, as well as its scope, should be discussed thoroughly. You can be transparent to a degree but with security risk also present, you might want to think what and what can’t you share with your provider. Also, as much as we hate repeating what we said and being asked questions, we must be open to it, especially if factors such as time zone differences and limited means of communication come to play. Providing a timetable and productivity apps such as Trello and Asana are effective means of communicating with your outsourced teams.

Hire and Scrutinize Outsourcing Providers as If You’re Hiring Employees

Want quality work? Amp up the way you source for outsourcing companies! Do you want the best? Then let them experience how rigorous the selection process is like the way you recruit your employees. Ask for samples and test projects. Ask the tough questions. That way, you can get what you really want: skills-wise and the ones closest who can adhere to your company culture and how you do things. Doing these hacks not only ensure you won’t be having petty communication issues in the future. They also pave the way to have a close partnership between parties. Don’t forget communication has an emotional aspect too.

Steady the Pace, Use Benchmarks If Needed

If outsourcing is scaring you a bit or just hesitant to try it out, don’t get cold feet! Besides cutting down on operational costs like what we have explained in our previous posts, it gives you access to great talent and a power of a team for a price that you usually pay for just one member. Try starting out small and increase the pace gradually depending on how comfortable you are with the quality of their output. This will help you gauge quality and speed, and minimize mistakes compared to dumping projects in full blast. This method breaks down communication into bite-size pieces making it easier for outsourced teams to digest and comprehend it easily.

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