It's amazing just how much impact the astrological traits of our ruling Planets have when it comes to those key relationships as well as our love lives. In this article I wanted to further explore astrological lover’s traits and compatibility, within the male relationship realm.

The male Aries connection; if an Aries man has several planets in Aries they can be borne tactical thinkers, whom instinctively understand the inner workings of Military strategists or political spin doctor types. These traits may also mean this Aries male does not always think or agree that pacifism is the answer, and can find it very difficult to just walk away from an argument or debate.

The male Taurus lover; whatever planets he has in Taurus, it is often that some bull- influenced men are natural Socialists and can relate well to this notion. However others are guilty of excesses where money & possessions are concerned. In all cases though, the male Taurus defines his manhood and masculinity by his attitude towards money, & his economic politics.

The male Gemini partner; men born under planets in Gemini tend to have a spectacular way with words. The Gemini male also delights in naming things and often does so with much wit and intelligence! He is indeed a connoisseur of the written word when it comes to the art of communication.

The male Cancer lover; men with influencing Cancer planets have a strong affinity with their home and where they come from. His relationship with his mother is important and when this is good his female side will be well- developed, and women will love him, on both platonic and sexual levels!

The male Leo partner; the Leo influenced male needs an outlet for his passion where he can show the world his star quality. Self-expression is his forte, and he does the sense of occasion thing better than anybody. This man also makes a great natural trusted leader.

The male Virgo lover; when this man has an abundance of Virgo planets present you will find he probably also has an impressive bookcase filled with knowledge giving alphabetically, or subject filed matter. Virgo male lovers tend to be natural critics. He is also attached to his routines and needs those daily rituals to maintain his feeling of comfort & wellbeing.

Male Libra lover; with this man's planetary influences in Libra he needs the kind of art, photography, design, or architecture; he can develop a close, enduring, or life long relationship with. The Libra male lover often needs at least one permanent relationship in his life to feel truly secure.
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