If you are reading this, I’m guessing that you want to change some aspect of your life. While you cannot change everything in your life in one moment, you can change the direction in which you’re headed. As with everything else, I believe that the way to have a rich and rewarding life is to do everything with free-flowing passion. When actions come from the heart, they are in harmony with who we are and who we want to be; and because they come from a good place—the heart is the home of God—they also create positive energy.

I’ve spent a lot of time wondering what makes some people so successful, while others don’t do as well. If you want to change, you have to first accept the fact that if you feel there are limits to what is possible for you to accomplish, this is due to your own limited vision. Many people have an invisible bubble surrounding them that they are unaware of and they cannot see beyond the shell of this bubble.

One way to burst through that bubble is to be so passionate about someone or something that it creates a powerful force where previous limitations no longer restrict you. As such, you burst through the bubbleinto a wider place of expansion. Don’t confine yourself to a small bubble that you might have constructed to protect you from outside forces, because that bubble will also confine you to being in a type of prison.

If you put a shell around your heart to protect yourself from being hurt, this same shell will block the love that wants to flow out of you.

And this is what we need to do: surrender to the love, and let the love carry us to create momentum. Love helps expand our entire being.

Author's Bio: 

I am the father of four great kids, and also a new grandfather. I spent 25 years in Paris working as a top fashion photographer for the best magazines and companies, before moving into network marketing, where I have built several large organizations. I have written and published two books and am the head of a non-profit which now has thousands of members.

I am on the faculty of The University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism, where people are taught how to heal themselves and heal others in the traditions of the Holy Prophets. I am a big believer that you can not build a business bigger than yourself, and so I focus a lot on personal growth and spiritual principles. My websites are http://makeyourlifemagical.com and www.healingthebrokenheart.com There you will find a tremendous amount of FREE and very valuable information, which can give you a clear idea of who I am and how I work.

You can also learn about the current businesses I am involved in, as well as obtain copies of my books.