It hurts so bad. It can make you physically ill. It feels like it’ll never get better.

Trust me. It does. It gets better.

In fact, this edition of The Love Post is here to remind you that heartache is actually a demonstration of the strength and power of Love.

If you didn’t Love, your heart wouldn’t ache. You wouldn’t feel like there’s a hole in your chest and there’s not enough air in the room.

If you find yourself in such a state of misery (You can probably tell I’ve been there myself), take it one breath at a time.

You Are Not Alone

This painful experience is part of the human journey. And even more, it’s part of the heroic path of a person who is willing to Love with an open heart.

Although it tends to make you feel isolated and uniquely afflicted, many others have endured this test. Even at this moment, there are fellow Loving souls traversing this difficult emotional terrain.

Really, if you want to know True Love in this lifetime, you are likely to know the agony of heartache.

It’s a rite of passage. Strangely, it’s a sign that you’re on the right track.

You’ve obviously given freely of yourself to another. You’ve trusted and you’ve shared intimacy. You’ve offered your most precious gifts, your time and your energy to someone you believe in.

Love and Heartache

So now you’re wondering, “What went wrong? Why is this happening to me?”

Well, sometimes Love has hard lessons to teach. When we think we know what’s best for us, sometimes Love knows better.

Remember what it felt like when you fell in Love? That kind of bliss is intoxicating.

There’s usually chemistry involved. This can literally make us lose all sense or reason.

And because of this, we may be overlooking some facts of the matter.

Perhaps this passionate romance is clouding our judgment.

Perhaps this partner is not actually our ideal mate.

If you can manage it, step back from your heartache and see what there is to learn from this suffering.

As always, focus on what you truly want.

Know that there is Infinite Love within you.

The Love of the Cosmos surrounds you.

Be the Love You’re Made Of

You came from Love. It is your essence.

Heartache is intense distress due to Love lost or unrequited (not returned). It’s an experience that tests your endurance, your patience and your faith.

But don’t let it overtake you. Even though right now it might feel like an unclimbable mountain, when you look back from the future, it may seem more like a bump in the road.

Your story is still being written. This chapter will soon come to a close.

Write until the page is full.

Then turn the page.

Stay centered in your own magnificent Being. Love yourself with all your heart.

Know that whatever hurt has been inflicted does not diminish you in any way. In fact, it “builds your character”, as they say.

You will join the ranks of those brave hearts who know the pain of heartache but do not give up on Love.

You will stay open to the unknown plot that is yet to blossom and unfold in this amazing adventure called life.

Be the Love you’re made of and you’ll attract that Love into your life.

When you are ready, you will find the Love you seek.

And it will be glorious.

Please share this message of comfort and hope with anyone you know who needs it. Thank you, with all my heart.

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Meet Mary Anne... She's always Loved Love.
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