Love Addicts create unhealthy and painful attachments to romance, people, sex, and the euphoria of love relationships. Love Addicts commonly search outside of themselves to feel alive and fill their unmet emotional needs. Love Addicts unconsciously look for others to “fix”-“rescue” them from the fear, pain, and discomfort of their lives. Being a Love Addict can be an emotionally painful, lonely, and baffling experience. In the addictive aspect of love addiction, withdrawing from an addicted relationship for love addicts (when a relationship ends) can be difficult than withdrawing from heroin or other drugs or addictive behaviors; often the pain and shock can be ruthless. But how does one know if they are a love addict or has tendencies towards love addiction. The following questions can help answer this question.

Are you a Love Addict?

• Are you afraid of loneliness and fall into relationships with unavailable people?

• Do you get stuck in relationships and that aren’t going anywhere?

• Do you see the potential your partner has, yet it just out of reach?

• Do you let fantasies get in the way of reality?

• Do you consistently believe the relationship will get better and be like it was in the beginning once circumstances change and get better?

• In romantic relationships, do you ignore or deny who the other person truly is?

• Do you continue to make excuses for the other person’s abusive or distancing behavior?

• Do you crave love and intimacy but also run away from it?

• Do you have dreams or fantasies of meeting the perfect soul mate to rescue you so you can feel self worth?

• Do you panic at the thought of losing your partner and being alone?

• Do you consistently give and give to others to gain a feeling of self worth

• Do you continue to give love and support to your partner even when it is obvious that partner is not reciprocating?

• Do get into love relationships with people who have lots of problems, drama, or issues?

• Do you continually obsess about a love partner after breaking up, even though you know the relationship wasn’t good for you?

• Do you feel intense and emotionally painful withdrawal symptoms after the end of a love relationship?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a Love Addict. If this is the case, there is a way out.

The pattern of Love Addiction does not go away on its own. You cannot will it away. You cannot find the perfect person who will take it away. Love Addiction is an ingrained pattern. There is a way out, Recovery.

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Jim Hall, M.S., is a Love Addiction Expert, Author on Love Addiction and Recovering. He coaches Love Addicts how to recover, heal, and break their addiction to relationships, online at

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