Long ago I read a book that featured one of Dr. Sigmund Freud’s most famous
theories. Freud said that man has two basic needs: love and work. As a young
woman, I had already figured out the universal need for love, but the idea that
‘work’ was equally as important was a big ‘aha’.

And so it was for me that my work became a meaningful part of my life. Today,
it’s even better that my work involves helping others to find meaningful work, too.
If you already have meaningful love relationships in your life…and enjoy work
that feels like the perfect fit for you…you are a lucky one!

If you’re not yet in that place, may I share some thoughts with you?

• The perfect love that we grew up expecting may not be exactly what we
got. In fact, we may still be looking for a partner to share our life with. But
in the meantime, if we have a good friend here and there, a family
member or two that we share a special affinity with, a pet that sings us
awake or snuggles us to sleep, a parent still in the world that loves us no
matter what, a sister, brother, aunt, or cousin that we can laugh with and
share food with…then we are lucky, lucky people.

• On a day that we’re feeling unloved, for whatever reason, remember this:
Love is as much about giving as it is about receiving. So if we send out
wishes, light candles with intention, pray for special ones, or let those in
need know that we are there….we are loving in the highest sense of the

• If work feels ready to be redefined for you, simplify the search by writing
down just 3 values that matter most to you right now. Then, as you
research and investigate the myriad opportunities, use those values as a
guideline for coming to your best choice. And on those days when you
just can’t seem to make the search happen…do just one small thing to
move the action forward…just one.

• Sometimes the best choice for meaningful work means working for
ourselves…at least you’ll like your boss! If entrepreneurship is calling to
you, take a close look at it. And don’t feel the need to look at it alone. Call
in those who care for you to lighten the journey. The help is there if you
ask for it….and the result is well worth the figuring out!

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