Anxiety and fear are two emotions we all know. Most of us do in any case. Even if we don’t suffer from anxiety or fear, these feelings can creep up inside us once in a while.
Here is the difference. If they are not our usual companions, there is nothing to worry about. It is not an illness. It is when we fear for a loved one, when we know somebody is in danger, then there is also love in our thoughts
When anxiety or fear make us suffer daily, love is not very present. In other words, we are ruled by negative feelings.
Love is trust. Fear is not trusting. Not trusting ourselves or not trusting others Why do we not trust ourselves? What do we fear?
What makes us anxious?
In many cases you don’t have an answer. The bad feelings are just there. It is, however, a good habit to ask yourself what could be a reason for these feelings.
How can you do this? Make a list of your negative feelings and make a list of when these negative feelings are strong.
You will find out when the anxiety and fear are getting stronger.
Are there real dangers involved? Do you fear things that might happen in the future? (they probably will never happen!).
When do your anxieties pop up? Are they strong when you are in company? Or are they worse when you are on your own?
Do you feel abandoned when they turn up? Do you feel as being a victim of fears and anxiety?
Make one thing clear: you are never a victim. Or if you like, you are a victim of your own feelings.
How can you change this situation? Try to love yourself. Instead of telling yourself that you are stupid, take a look at yourself : look into a mirror and tell yourself that you are a fantastic person. That you are lovable and that you have decided to love yourself. You are worth to be loved. This is an exercise that you can repeat every day, at least twice every day.. Do it especially when you get up in the morning or before you go to bed at night. Repeat your love for yourself. When looking into the mirror, wear a smile, this smile comes back to you. This seems to be a very simple exercise and to do it, is really simple. Its effects, however, are very positive. Try it and you will convince yourself.

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I am Swiss, coach and author of an ebook. I am an instructor and teacher of EFT, EmoTrance, Remap, SpringForestQiGong, LOA. My aim is to help people overcome their anxieties and related problems.