Love is regarded by many the most mysterious, mystical and complex emotion felt by humans and even other animals. Many people would say that love is so mysterious that it has no definition.

The focus of this article is on the three types of love:

Eros - This kind is known as the erotic love. This is based on the very strong feeling between the two people for each other. The physical element is the focus of this kind of love. Many people see this kind of love as selfish since it is based on desire and what benefits one can get from the other. We should be careful with this type of love. Many people mistake this as being true love though it is still love.

Philos - This type of love is very common to friends and best friends. This is the friendship between the two people share. Lovers who started out as close friends have a longer relationship than others and this kind of love is the evidence.

Marriage, family relationship, co-workers relationship and boyfriend-girlfriend relationship will be strengthened if the foundation is friendship. The chances of fight and arguments are decreased because with Philos, couples can get the chance to get to know each other more before they decide to move their relationship to the next level. The two people only sees the positive side of their partners in Philos.

Agape Love - is regarded as the purest and the most real among all kinds of love. It is also called as the unconditional love. Agape love tops over Philos and Eros love. This type of love is selfless. In other words, one can love another person even if he does not get anything from it or is not waiting for anything in return. This love is also shown when one helps another person, without asking for something in return, even if that person has done bad things to the one helping. Agape love is also shown when a son or daughter takes care of his or her parents as they grow old.

These are the 3 types of love. Love inspires and helps people persevere in hardships and troubles. We are born in this world because of this, after all.

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