Finding a lifelong partner should not be left to chance.

When we are seeking partners, we must believe that several minds are better than one when it comes to formulating strategies to attract your desired partner.

Quick dating and matchmaking services are nothing new thanks to Hong Kong's hectic lifestyle making it difficult for working professionals to find time for love.

A ``detective'' is also asked to find out about the habits and preferences of a desired partner before a meeting is arranged.

The agency handles three to four clients a month, charging HK$2,000 to HK$10,000 per person. Seventy percent of Wong's clients are male, aged 20 to 30, who are too shy to approach the woman of their dreams.

In the name of love, he once hired someone to bump into a woman at a bus stop, causing her to drop her handbag.

The client then moved in to pick it up and strike up a conversation with her.

Wong said actors are told not to break any laws.

``What we do is enhance the opportunities for romance, but we will not force the issue if there is no chemistry between two people,'' he said, in response to criticism that his service is unethical.

On top of this, his company also provides a service to boost clients' looks and self-esteem.

Wong reports that business is brisk in the run-up to Valentine's Day tomorrow. However, not everyone likes engineered romances.

In fact many online businesses have been targeted on youths who are dating.
Valentine's Day will make online business of flowers, chocolates and other presents boom.

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