It’s Valentine’s day once again. Got any plans? If not, then you aren’t as alone as you might think. Plenty of wonderful women today can’t seem to hook the Mr. Right to spend this holiday with. Are you one of them? Don’t despair, ladies! The answer is simple and we at WEAR LUCK want to help you find it. Do something for yourself this holiday and ROMANCE is sure to find you.

First, let’s take a lesson from our ROMANCE shirts. Our fortune for you this Valentine’s Day is, “Love happens naturally.” What do we mean by that? It’s simple. You’re special! Yes, you. You don’t need to pretend to be anything other than who you naturally are! Think about it. There is no one else in the world quite like you. You may share things in common, but you’re unique. One of a kind. There is a saying: “I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for someone I’m not.” If you pretend to be who you are not, then chances are high that love won’t last.

Who is ‘Mr. Right’? If you can find a man that loves you for you and no other reason, then you’re in luck! That’s the formula for a true romance. Two people who have compatibility will find one another, but they will only know how right it is if both are being genuine. It’s only natural!

So, how do you make it happen? It all starts with the right state of mind. Put on your ROMANCE shirt and it will remind you through the whole day, no matter where you are, that you are special and someone is waiting for you. Keep your head up. Smile. Above all, relax. It’s easier to be yourself than you think. All you need is a little trust in who you are, and he’ll be sure to do the same.

Good luck!

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These days our lives are so compact with stress and here we are in the middle trying to balance it all. Women especially have so much to deal with in their everyday routine. Kids, work, errands, groceries, emergencies, and so much more. I could go on forever! But, my point is where in this equation do YOU factor?

WEAR LUCK is about women who have all of this going on in their lives without much time for themselves. They're always putting themselves behind the scenes and cleaning up the stage when the show's over. Do they ever have time to take a bow? It's high time you stood in the spotlight and did something for yourself. We're not saying abandon all your obligations, but if you let yourself get worn down and weary who else is going to keep things organized?

It's hard to remember just what is needed to keep things in a healthy balance, but we're here to help. Our shirts are more than just stylish apparel, they're reminders. Each shirt fits into a category of overall health and when you put it on you're making a promise to yourself to take time for that category on that day.

No matter what you need, we've got your back. Literally. Throw on your HEALTH shirt and there's no way you'll forget to go jogging that afternoon! Need ROMANCE? We can help. Put on one of our shirts and it will remind you to sit up straight and smile. You'll never get his attention if you let yourself mope and frown. Prosperity? Not a problem. Where green to remind yourself to save money and look for all the sweet deals. There are six more categories to help you balance your life. Want to check it out? is the place to go.

Good Luck!