Love is ALL Around: Are YOU Open to Receiving It?

We all have a yearning to connect! So many of my readers, radio show listeners, and clients are wondering “How can I find my soul mate? When will I experience true love? Why does my relationship feel so empty? Is there something wrong with me?” This basic yearning and hunger to participate in the experience of love seems to be increasing on deeper levels than ever before. The sincerity of this yearning and the desire for a complete union cannot be denied! It is real. It is felt from the very core of who we are, because it’s why we’re here! We are alive to give, receive and experience gratitude for the love in our lives. Love is the most powerful emotion in the world and it is the source of growth, healing, and bliss.

We seem to have moved beyond the time when joining together at the level of personality alone was enough. People are yearning for a connection that touches and awakens their soul… a connection that fills them from the inside-out instead of one filling them from the outside-in! So, how does one begin to attract a relationship like that? How can we magnetize the relationship of our dreams?

From my experience and having observed and coached many others going through this very process, it seems that we can only attract a partner or a mate that is energetically aligned with us. In other words, if we don’t feel deserving of love, we can’t possibly attract a partner that will offer love without strong conditions or attachments. When we really begin to awaken on a soul level, we feel love and compassion for ourselves. We learn to really love and accept ourselves exactly as we are (imperfections, challenges and all!) we begin to accept others just as they are and not expect them to be anything less than human- with their own challenges, insecurities and unique life experience! We come together with others to be shown who we are in that moment. Others mirror who we are. Authentic relationships are revealed only when we begin to find peace and acceptance within our own hearts. Only then can we can truly feel, offer, and receive love in a healthy way that nourishes us from the inside-out.

Relationships are one of the key tools for personal growth and expansion. It is only in our relationships with others that our own unresolved issues are made abundantly clear! This is a gift. We are being shown the areas of our hearts and souls that need to be acknowledged, addressed, and healed. With patience, tolerance, forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion (for ourselves and for our partners) we can begin to allow that to happen. That is the true beauty of connection and partnership. We help one another grow and become our best, knowing that we have the support and understanding of the ones who know us from the inside-out. It can be incredibly challenging to allow others to see us when we feel weak or insecure. When we openly allow ourselves to become vulnerable and allow ourselves to beautifully reveal the layers of who we really are- we are gifting and blessing ourselves in the most phenomenal way possible. We are giving ourselves the gift of connection. We deserve this. This is the way we expand beyond any limiting, old ways of “being” and free ourselves to experience life as openly and beautifully as we possibly can.

Are you searching for the fast track to relationship fulfillment? The secret is that it all begins within us. It all begins with loving ourselves purely, positively, and unconditionally. When we feel deserving of love, we move into a beautiful receiving mode. That state of openness allows new doors to open and endless possibilities to surface. There truly is an abundance of love to share and receive. We simply have to be open enough if we wish to experience this truth for ourselves!

Are you allowing yourself the opportunity to experience love in a full, complete way? Are you creating a space in your heart for love enter into? If not, begin to pay attention to the walls that you consciously or unconsciously create that prevent love from entering into your life. You deserve to feel, share and receive love! You control the opening and closing of the path to your heart and soul. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to allow someone to feel and know you from the inside-out? It can happen. All that is required of you is the commitment to making day to day decisions that nurture the love you have for yourself. It can happen! You must take risks, though. You must take action that will allow for love to enter your experience. You can’t expect to continue doing what you’ve always done and expect a different result! Know that you are worthy of a man or woman who adores you and accepts you just as you are. Once the love for yourself becomes natural, so will your ability to attract love into your life.

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