Do you remember Tina Turner’s 80‘s hit ‘What’s love got to do with it? I’m sure it’s what people think when they hear me say that these times call for us to to exist and operate from the heart, the place of love. So what does love have to do with the whole scheme of things? Most people think that love is something that only exists between them and others; friends, family or significant other.

However love is much more than that. At the grass-roots level it has to do with how you feel about yourself, whether you feel worthy, cared for and validated just because you exist. Whether you do or not affects EVERYTHING in your life. Once you let go of all that is holding you back from love, you connect with your very own essence, recognize how perfect and divine you really are, naturally love yourself unconditionally; you feel awesome emotionally – you are also connected to an unstoppable force.

So what does love have to do with living a juicy life? Here are 10 reasons to choose LOVE and to love yourself now:-

1. When you love, value and nurture you, you’ll have enough to help and serve others instead of struggling to take care of you. The world sees you as worthy and valued.

2. You see the world, through new eyes as a supportive place that nurtures and helps you grow your ideas and accomplish your dreams. You act courageously on these, self-assured that you can achieve what-ever it is you set your HEART and mind to do. Your success helps others redeem their dreams too.

3. You live your life without fear and become an example to your children and the people you surround yourself with – your LEAD causes a ripple effect influencing others to fully express their LOVE and create positive change all over the place.

4. You don’t let challenges, set-backs and mistakes hold you back from experiencing the fullness of life exactly as you desire. Instead you see life as a journey and along the way you are presented with many opportunities to enjoy, grow or learn from.

5. You take responsibility for yourself in all aspects and stop putting the pressure on others for your happiness (or lack of) and your state of mind. When you stop blaming others for your situation they are free to take care of their own happiness their mental states too. As a result you have happier individual who can then share from a place of wholeness.

6. You deal with ‘life lessons’ that have kept you stuck in the past. You no longer stifle your emotions or react excessively or irrationally instead create new neural path-ways in your brain to better express yourself in positive ways. You choose to always feel your feelings as they come up; observe it, take in the learnings and then release it.

7. You connect with your inner wisdom, your intuition or your internal GPS which knows all that is best for you, the direction you should take, the answers you require and the desires of your heart. You trust yourself more because instead of being dictated to or relying on others for guidance, after all you know yourself best. This helps you be your own person and make the best decisions for you. When you take the lead in you life it leads to success in more ways than you know.

8. You spend time in silence, meditation or prayer regularly reflecting on how life is for you. You tap into your inner spirit which keeps you connected to unconditional love boosting your capacity to experience more and express it. Loving and accepting yourself opens your eyes to the Divine in you and in others. Your capacity to forgive comes naturally. You stop judging others because you understand the interconnectedness of all living things.

9. You experience the heights of emotional bliss, contentment and joy. You also feel compelled to create more of it in the world by loving you, your people, your work, your life.

10. You are grateful for all that you have and recognize your blessings and the many moments of ‘grace’ in your life. You are also aware of ways you can bless others lives too.

It may seem impossible right now to be the ‘person’ described above but let me assure you it is do-able because this existence is a reality for many people. It starts with a decision; to make the necessary changes in your life - from the inside out. Because love and the power to succeed in any area is really an inside job. Sure challenges and obstacles pop up but when you are connected to your inner source of power, belief in your abilities, release ‘stuff,’ feel supported and loved, all blocks are considered nothing more than a bump in the road.

True love that is sustainable is from the inside out. From that space you send out a clear message to the Universe that you are worthy of everything you want and believe you deserve in your life. To learn more about ‘Love Connect coaching’ and events – look over the website, email or post a comment below. I truly look forward to connecting with you.

Be Love, Loved, Loving


Author's Bio: 

For 20 years Terai has studied leaders and trained in the field of personal-development, spirituality and finance. Initially for her own personal growth to gain clarity with investing, ‘life’, love, connecting and later acquiring the tools and techniques to assist others in their own personal transformation which she applies in the areas of Love, Connection and Relationships. Terai is a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Re-patterning techniques, a certified Results Acceleration Master Coach & Performance Consultant, Heart Resonance Energy and Energy Alignment practitioner. Hailing from the Cook Islands in the South Pacific; alternative healing and natural medicines is in Terai's polynesian DNA.