Love is a beautiful thing.

I can think of nothing better. It is all that is good and pure and true in this life.

That’s why today’s edition of The Love Post is about something that seems to cause so much unnecessary pain and suffering. It seems that Love has been misrepresented so often.

It’s time to clarify.

Judgment is not Love

Although I’m dedicated to focusing on what Love is, there are certain things that Love is not. Judgment is one of them.

It’s become apparent to me that self-judgment stops Love in its tracks. It can fill you with fear, doubt, guilt, anger...

Essentially, judgment is the opposite of Love.

Unfortunately, it afflicts many people without a conscious awareness of the trouble it’s causing. As always, awareness is the first step in bringing about positive change.

Ask yourself (And answer honestly!): “Am I judging myself in some way?”

Do you think that you’re inadequate?

Are you giving yourself a hard time?

Are you being mean to yourself?

These are all forms of judgment. And judgment hurts.

And if you’re judging yourself, you’re judging others.

We just can’t seem to help it. It becomes our automatic thought process to look with a negative eye, to doubt, to discourage, to stifle or worse.

It’s a poison that must be recognized and avoided.

Love is Judgment Free

Thankfully, there’s an antidote.


Pure, true, unattached and unconditional. Love.

If you become aware of any thoughts of judgment, whether towards yourself or others, choose Love instead.

Decide to see the situation through the eyes of compassion.

Make a commitment to focus on the positive, to support and encourage, and listen with an ear to understand.

We are all connected. We are part of the whole.

How we interact with ourselves is how we interact with one another.

As one of the very first editions of The Love Post says, Love Starts With You. You must first free yourself from self-judgment in order to Love anyone else unconditionally.

Love is judgment free because it knows that you are perfect just the way you are. You are part of the mysterious Universe, unfolding and discovering the amazing potential of its own full expression.

Love wants you to be happy, to be free to be yourself. Love loves you for exactly who you are. She believes in your beauty and in your unique spark of life that has inherent value.

Next time you catch yourself passing judgment, remind yourself that Love is judgment free. And you are a creature of Love.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful news!

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