Love is the primary purpose and lesson of Life. All other lessons are secondary to Love. If you have solved this one issue, you have automatically solved all others. Where there is lack – any lack at all – there is lack of Love. Where there is lack of health or friends or money or joy, there is lack of Love.

I keep telling people to "give love" and "give yourself love" and "love yourself" and "love others". But what does that really mean? People have heard the word "Love" so often maybe it's just another phrase for them. What it means is to give attention, time and space. The old English word for fear is "angst". This word comes from the Germanic eng, which means tight, narrow or contracted. When a tightness, contraction or heaviness arises in your life or your body, it is because you are not giving yourself time, space or attention.

When a client of yours starts complaining, it's because you have not given that client Love. Give that client either more time, or more attention or more space, and they will stop complaining.

When a spouse starts becoming a stranger to you, its time to give Love. So spend more time with them. Or, if you think you don’t have time, then give more attention in the little time you do spend. Or, if you don’t have attention either, give your spouse the space to say, do and be whatever they want. If you have neither time, attention nor space, start relaxing, opening up and regaining Awareness. Go from contracted and dull to open and receiving.

If your body is feeling unwell, open up and give your body more love. Sit or lie down for many hours with your body only. That’s the whole purpose of going to bed when you fall ill. Going to bed gives you the opportunity to send love and appreciation to your body. And in this way it does become well again. Unless you send disapproval and criticism to your body.

If you lack income, open up and send more love to yourself, others and the world. Release your resentment of rich people, your resentment of success, your resentment toward working, your resentment of everything. Give the issue some time, space and attention.

Giving Space:  Allowing things to unfold naturally. Allowing others to be who they are, without trying to change or control them. Allowing life to unfold naturally. Allowing spaces of emptiness between things, and silence between noise.

Giving Attention:  Looking at, Listening to, and Thinking about something or someone. Being with someone or something, without constant preoccupation with yourself or your own "issues".

Giving Time:  Spending an amount of time with someone or something. Patiently resting with someone or something. Enjoying time spent with someone or something without restlessly going to and fro.
One of the best exercises you can do to give yourself a boost of energy is to radiate love to yourself. When you give yourself love, you no longer demand and request it from outside of you. You no longer request energy from chemicals, you no longer request attention from spouses, you no longer request praise from superiors. When you stop seeking love, you start getting it. When you stop needing attention, you start getting it. Stop seeking gratification, instead express gratitude. To give yourself Love means to give yourself one of the following:

Unconditional Love

And there are many ways to do this. Treating yourself to a gift is one way to do it. Speaking nicely of or to yourself is another way to do it. Closing your eyes and releasing the pressure and judgement on yourself is another way. Visualizing a shower of light and love onto yourself yet another. Or simply sitting there and intending to approve of yourself and respect yourself and remembering your value is another. In any case, the longer you do this, the more energy you get. If you do this for 15 Minutes or even hours you can start feeling high. Why? Because the Ego/Mind is used to putting you down, making you small, bad-talking yourself. You have done so your entire life, whether you are fully aware of it or not. Reversing this habit and instead approving of yourself and loving yourself will make you feel high and energetic because you have so rarely done it. Only a few minutes of self-love a day can save you a lot of hassle. Once you love yourself it becomes easier to love others. Because you have energy you can easily give energy. And as you learn to give energy (instead of requesting or seeking it), your success in life increases in all areas.

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