Meditation is like magic.

It’s becoming more and more popular as people realize the amazing power of quieting and controlling your mind.

This skill is at the foundation of all great achievement.

It’s also a vital part of sustaining peace of mind and enjoying a lifestyle of happiness and relaxation.

A Place to Start

If you aren’t practicing daily meditation yet, I’ve just created a method that may help you build it into your schedule in a manageable way.

Because starting is sometimes the hardest part of forming a new habit, it’s great to have a way to ease into it that feels do-able and enjoyable.

In fact, meditation can be a real challenge if your mind has gotten use to racing around from thought to thought unchecked. Or, perhaps your schedule feels so full that taking time to be still and focus on you just doesn’t happen.

Either way, it’s worth trying this technique to get meditating.

I call it minute meditation. And it’s just like it sounds.

Use your watch or a clock and watch the second hand make a full rotation of 60 seconds. Just breathe and focus on the time ticking along.

I find this to be helpful for a few reasons.

♥ You can do it! It’s such a short period of time that it’s quite achievable, even for the busiest people.

♥ It gives you something to “think” about other than your usual thoughts. You may not be totally quieting your mind, but it’s a good start.

♥ It reminds you that time is passing. You get to decide what you do with it.

We are blessed with 1,440 minutes each day. A lot can happen in that time. Minute meditation brings attention to the incredible power of even just one minute.

♥ You might just keep going! If you get to the end of the minute and find yourself wanting more, stick with it.

Spend as long as you’d like watching the clock and breathing.

Love Meditation

Hopefully this simple exercise provides you with some quick results. You can begin to feel the benefits of taking time for yourself. (Even if it’s only one minute!)

You can also become more aware of your breathing and what’s going on in your mind.

From here, I hope that you can build on this practice and spend more time each day quieting your mind and becoming fully present in each moment.

This is where your power lies. Love each minute, Love your life.

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