Friendship or Love?

Friendship is the best relationship ever. Life is full of complications and surprises. Lucky are those who have a friend to call on in times of adversities. Someone you can hold on to when tough times come. A single real friend is more than enough than a hundred fake ones. But what if the person you choose to be your best friend is no more than just a friend anymore? What if you fall for the one you once treated as your best buddy? Would you have the courage to let him know what you feel? Does it matter anyway? I have one single answer for you. Yes, it does matter. Your choice will change your life.

When a girl and a guy treat one another as the best of friends, two things happen. First, good enough they find their sanctuary from each other. Second, this friendship will end up to love, eventually one will fall for the other, fortunate if they both, but what if not? What if the other person wants nothing more than friendship? It hurts! Even hurts because hey, it’s your best friend! What will you do? Are you strong enough to keep the feeling forever, afraid to loose the friendship? Or strong enough to tell him your feelings with the possibility of loosing what you have? The decision is yours. You choose. Either ways, you will get hurt.

Love is a risk. Have the heart to tell him that you love him more than the best buddy thing. What if he chooses to keep the friendship? Or what if the feeling is mutual? Yes, you won’t know the answer if you’ll just shut up and say nothing. If you won’t do the first move, and then who will? Instead of listening to his stories about his girls, why not let him feel that the girl he’s been waiting for is just right in front of him. It’s hard of course, but in the process you will know the answer if he feels the same way too. If not, then move on, maybe the two of you are bound to be just best buddies. At least you have tried. Things will never be the same again after the confession but you did your part, at the end of the day you have a story to tell to your grandchildren that the craziest thing you did is confessing to your best friend that you love him. Cupid’s arrow sometimes hurts like hell. But most of the time brings two people who are meant for one another.

Love or friendship? Why choose if the two comes together? Be the best buddy you can be, who knows cupid is just playing your hearts. Lay your cards on the table; you have all the time to choose which card you’ll take. Don’t be afraid to get hurt, be afraid to do nothing and still get hurt.

Author's Bio: 

Genalyn "princessgen" Patris is a former editor-in-chief of her school organ "Lawis" wayback in 2006-2008. Attended University of Cebu-Lapulapu and Mandaue (Cebu, Philippines) with a degree in Business Administration majoring Marketing Management. She became the External Vice-President of the Junior Marketing association of the Philippines (JMAP)University Organization. She is also a member of the Catholic Charismatic Youth Movement (CCYM),UCLM chapter.
At present she is working as a sales agent in one of the BPO industry in Cebu City, Philippines.