It is rightly said that there is always something beautiful in everything around us, one just needs to view the thing or creation with a creative eye. This art of viewing things in such different way is not everyone's piece of cake, as it involves a great deal of creativity and deeper thoughts of viewing things which everyone cannot view. Photography is an art and photographers are people behind this art.

Photographers are people who capture precious moments with their creativity to form an immortal art form. These are people with strange but have out of the views about viewing things. When actual reality is turned into virtual reality through acts of transcendence, it becomes art. We might turn a simple thing by saying it ugly but when a photographer captures the same using their own creativity and innovative thinking, the same ugly thing becomes a masterpiece and an inspiration for us all and we admire the same.

Just by having a latest and high tech camera means you are a photographer, photography is an art and the same is reflected in the work of the photographer. Photography is a full time career option with them needed in every sphere of life from everyday life in the entertainment industry to fashion and print industry, everyone needs the services of these creative people who can make an ordinary simple thing look extraordinary.

Photographers can be categorized based on the subjects they photograph; they can be still photographers, fashion photographers, wildlife photographers, wedding photographers, street photographers to name a few. Photographers who produce moving rather than still pictures are often called cinematographers, videographers or camera operators, depending on the commercial context. Photographers can take profession as a freelancer or can be associated with some organization depending upon the kind of work they perform.

The work of a photographer is admired depending upon what that person wants to reflect in the art form. A photographer needs to be unique, informative, and creative and very precise about the kind of work the person wants to reflect. A photographer may be only good at capturing some particular kind of work while for others may not be that perfect. Photography is an art and photographers give these art piece life and uniqueness.

For a good photographer a person need to be very passionate about the kind of work the person chooses to do and the way of doing it. Most people start this a hobby but later translate the passion into a full time profession.

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