When you look deep in the eyes of a baby, you may recognize the pure essence of love.

The one necessary healing component when bandaging a child’s scraped knee is the comforting kiss and hugs of a mother’s love.

A child’s generous love can turn a small fist full of dandelions into the most glorious bouquet of flowers.

Have you ever observed an elderly couple that has decades of loving history together walk hand in hand? No words are necessary yet volumes are spoken just through a glance in each other’s direction.

What makes love so magical? We never tire of it. It is the language of the soul that requires no translation from culture to culture. Love moves us to tears during the birth of a child, a wedding, or a loved one’s departure. In its pure form, love creates miracles, nurtures our soul, and makes life worth living.

No matter our age, love is what we hunger for. We may seek it through relationships—a lover, a companion, family, or surrounding ourselves with friends. But if we do not feel self-love deep within us through the connection we have with ourselves, are we fully capable of giving and receiving love?

If we don’t feel it for ourselves, the capacity or point of reference is not there to recognize the gift of love given to us. Love’s magic comes from the inside out. Love is the essence of aliveness pulsing through our veins.

I perceive that love is an internal gift I give to myself through, self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-love:

Self-awareness is the way I tune into my ‘state of being’. I sense where I am in my thoughts, feelings and emotions and check into how centered I am and make correction when necessary. (Refer to “Your State of Being” article for more details.)

Self-acceptance is what I am committed to on all levels; emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. I am in process of accepting all of me—-my past, my experiences moment by moment, which includes my feelings at any given time, and accepting all of who I am as a human being; body and soul.

Self-compassion is the gift I give myself often. It is an act of compassion to embrace all of it; the history and who I am because of all I have lived. It is the heart-centered ability to come from the space of gentle acknowledgement of myself completely. (Refer to “Self-Compassion” article and radio show for more details.)

Self-love is the incremental journey of loving who I am as a human being. It has taken unearthing the story that I am ‘unlovable’ and rewriting it line by line. When I have felt ‘unlovable’, it has been the act of compassionately embracing and loving myself in all my humanness, which is also an experiential process day by day.

The truth is there are no adequate words to capture the magical miraculous qualities of love. Yet it’s wonder and unlimited capacity can power our life force to places we can’t even imagine. Love is aliveness. Love is who we are.

In his book, The Mystery of Love, Marc Gafni expresses it so eloquently, “Self-love is radical erotic in that it is the experience of being interwoven within the great fabric of being. It is the deep intuition that the world is a unified, loving consciousness in which you participate.”

I invite you to embrace that childlike part of yourself and express your love-magic in all that you do. Be the love that you are.

Author's Bio: 

Linda Radford is a Professional Intuitive that empowers and guides her clients to their own clarity and intuition while she facilitates core healing. http://www.lindaradford.com