Sometimes I find myself more uptight than I’d like. Does that ever happen to you?

Well, the more and more I focus on Love, I hear it speaking to me more and more clearly. Usually, it seems to say something to the effect of, “Relax, Mary Anne!”

Wonderfully, it is a key phrase that my husband knows to use with me when I need it too.

Of course, this isn’t surprising since he is my Love! He helped me birth both our babies at home. “Relax” was a very popular word!

If you think about how we act when we stray from our most Loving selves, we generally are not very relaxed.

Something’s gotten under our skin so to speak. We are stressed out. We feel pressured or judged.

So it makes sense that Love directs us to trust in the flow of life and let it go. “Relax. Everything’s alright. I’ve got you covered.”

Certainly, there are times to be on the alert and such. Even then, a relaxed posture and stance tend to lead to quicker reflex and response time.

The most capable creatures know that relaxation enhances overall performance.

I’m writing this post mid-vacation week. In theory, this would be a most relaxing time. Yet, being out of routine (especially with Little Ones) can prove to be a challenge to relaxation.

This is actually a perfect learning opportunity. Pay attention to how I’m feeling. Accept that not everything is under my control. Far from it! Still, I can stay in charge of my thoughts and emotions.

Decide to be an easy-going adventurer. Embrace this experience and relax! Take each moment as it comes. Be present. Love myself. Love those around me.

Priorities become clearer in these unique situations. For children, basic physical needs need to be addressed before any real fun can be had. Heck, even us grown ups have a much better time if we are rested, fed and well hydrated.

So if you find yourself working hard to enjoy your leisure time, chuckle to yourself and hear the voice of Love laugh with you and whisper in your ear, “Relax!” Understand that this is a perfect time to contemplate what you are really after and grow as a person.

Leaving the safety of our day to day routine comes with some interesting consequences. If we do it right, we will return to the rhythm with insight and a greater awareness of who you are and what makes you truly happy.

Here’s to a relaxed, Love filled life!

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Meet Mary Anne... She's always Loved Love.
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