Actually designing and setting kids bedroom is not so hard you just have to show little creativity. While decorating kid’s bedroom you don’t have to stick to the boring ideas that’s why prefer to make it more interesting and apply creative ideas. When you have a little kid around, time flies by, many times you can remember picking a gift for your kid, just to find out that his interest has changed. Dressing a child’s bedroom is no different. You should prefer to set the room for kid that could be updated according to his age, firstly you have to start decorating the room by using elegant and sophisticated color scheme for which you can use neutral colors. Stick to three or two shades and don’t cover over completely with bright paint. Pick classy color palette, it does not mean a deficiency of color.

Designing Bedroom For Newborn:

  1. Start by selecting a safe crib. It’s tempting to tuck your baby in with cozy blankets, to keep your baby warm, its best to use pajamas with feet rather than blankets and comforters.
  2. If you decide to use a blanket, choose a thin one and tuck it firmly around the foot and sides of the mattress, reaching only up to your baby’s chest. Tuck it in under his arms, not under his chin.
  3. Do not use infant cushions that have a soft fabric or are heavily filled with plastic foam beads. These cushions have been linked to suffocation.
  4. Never let your child sleep with a pillow until he’s older than age 2 and has made the move to the bed.
  5. Always place your child on his back to sleep in the secure sleeping environment. You would like to follow all the safety precautions for sleeping and bedding arrangements when your baby is away from home.


Young Kid’s Bedroom Designing Ideas:

So if you have 6 to 10 years old kids then you should prefer to decorate their room more casually and lightly. So, for designing kid’s bedroom of this age here you can see some tips. Following are three ways to dress your kid’s bedroom in summer:


  1. Using Light Shades Of Curtains:

    For decorating rooms of elder kids you can use light curtains in your kids room, so that it will allow you to get in some fresh and cool air in your kid’s room and keep out the hot sun by using curtains as a replacement for drapery. Because this material is dark and heavy, while curtains balanced with sheer can give you flexibility in summers.

  2. Prefer To Use Neutral Tones Of Furniture:

    It will be the best decision to opt for having bespoke childrens fitted bedrooms as it will allow you to arrange each and everything properly in your kid’s room. And for decorating furniture you should prefer to use muted tones and darks are perfect for winter and fall, but summer and spring shout for airy and bright colors.

  3. Feeling Of Outdoors:

    Summer is about bringing in the outdoors. Plants, flowers and fresh fruit pieces make your home look and smell amazing. For rustic feel, bring in eco-friendly materials like jute rugs and bamboo. They bring natural feeling of outdoors.

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