A letter sent to us by one of our readers amused us and we think you may also enjoy it. In her letter, Jan told us that a relative of hers had made "loves dogs" a prerequisite for having a serious relationship with the next man in her life.

Jan's relative met a suitor through an online dating service. He seemed to fit the bill, and their match was made in dog heaven. For those of you who don't know, dog heaven is otherwise known as dog park. This is where city dogs run and play like crazy with other dogs while their adoring humans observe and visit with each other.

The man whom Jan's relative fell in love with decided to prove his devotion to dogs by surprising her with a unique setting for declaring his intentions. He got down on his knees (in the woodchips?) at the dog park the couple frequented with the woman's pooch. There, he proposed marriage and presented her with an engagement ring. This was done in front of all the dog-loving witnesses at the dog park. As you can imagine, the woman and her dog immediately accepted his proposal.

Is "loves dogs" or "loves cats" or "loves horses" a prerequisite for your significant relationships?

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