Sharing our lives, opening our hearts to pure unconditional love.  They are the best friends that we can ever have.  They won’t let us down, they are always happy to see us, they don’t judge us in any form, they don’t look at us with utter disdain if we put on weight.  They trust us implicitly, with a wag of a tail or the twitch of a whisker telling us that they intuitively know how we feel. The look in their eyes says it all – I love you.

Our companion animals, our pets.  We, as humans think that we have chosen our pets, in many situations it seems as if we have.  However, many times on a higher level of awareness, they have chosen us.  How many times do you see people that look like their dogs or is it that their dogs look like them!  The feline fellowship and affinity that comes from the cats that slink into our lives helps us attune to life.

All animals, including farm animals are sentient beings, irrespective of the physical form.   They have feelings, form family bonds, love unconditionally, feel happiness, feel and express pain and fear - all deserve our love and respect.  We as humans sometimes think that we are somehow “higher up the ladder” than animals.  Let’s not forget we are human animals too! 

People sometimes say that animals don’t speak so how do we know that they have feelings?  They speak via telepathic communication.  This is something that we can all do with our companion animals.  All you have to do is to be quiet long enough to listen.  This is the work that I am guided to do as an Animal Communicator, and certified VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing practitioner, helping cement the bond between the companion animal and owner.    

If a pet has been adopted from a rescue into a loving home sometimes there are issues that need to be addressed.  Even though the pet can see and knows it is now in a loving environment, the prior trauma from being in an abusive situation involving neglect, physical or emotional abuse, often takes its toll and behavioral issues can arise from this root cause.   Being in a shelter for an extended period of time can also be traumatic for sensitive animals.  They are surrounded by all different types and sizes of animals who are equally in a stressed state.  I often say to clients, “try to imagine how you would feel if you were in that situation.”  Human beings also find that change can be stressful, that we all need time to acclimatize to new surroundings and situations – eg: death, divorce, loss of job, moving home, moving state and moving country.   

I ascertain the situation to obtain clarity by talking to the client about the issues. I also energetically connect with the pet and the whole situation that has arisen.
I visit the home, or if it is out state, work through a photograph.  I tell the client that when they open the door to me that I will crouch down and first of all connect with the pet.  A dog will always be at the front door with it’s owner, cats have their own agenda and I wait for them to physically come to me when they feel ready and have connected to my energy.  All animals are intuitive by nature.  Seemingly humans seem to have lost their way in the intuitive department, it’s still there within us, it just lies dormant and needs awakening.  

I telepathically connect with the pet and ask questions. This can be in thoughts or in pictures and I receive answers which is how animals connect.   I also use VortexHealing® to release the issue, usually fear which is ingrained in the cellular system.  To be able to be a bridge of love, point of release and connection for the pet and the owner is beautiful to behold. 

Dogs and cats seem to be the main focus of my animal communication and healing work, but I have also worked with feral cats, chickens, ducks, mice, and lizards to date!  Even though I call myself a dogaholic, I love all animals big and small! 

There is one other fact of life that cannot be ignored. The emotional earthquake of grief when your beloved pet transitions from their physical body.   Many people feel the same intense feelings of loss and physical separation irrespective of whether it is a human being or non-human being.  It’s irrelevant whether the pet is four legged, two legged, furry or feathered.  Grief is grief, loss is loss. The feelings are the same, the challenges are no less.

The manifestation of the grief process is different for everyone, but the root cause is the same.  It’s not something you learn in textbooks, but the actual experience catapults you to a totally different dimension of your inner being that perhaps you never knew existed.  There are people who chose not to deal with the grieving process and consciously opt
out of thinking and feeling.  However, at some future intersection of their lives it will catch up with them with even more intensity.

There are often three stages to the grieving process: the first is the pre-grieving: when you know that your pet has a life threatening illness and you know the long term diagnosis.  Perhaps you are backwards and forwards to the vet, trying different approaches, which may be traditional, holistic, or a mixture.  The realization is there, but you do not quite want to believe it and a blanking off process begins.  It’s akin to not wanting to lift the veil on the truth, even though you know you will have to deal with it a future juncture.

The second stage is the realization of the actual passing and loss.  It’s important to surround yourself with people who truly understand you and what you are going through.  Your partner, spouse or close friends may not truly understand the intense feelings of loss that you are experiencing.  Some people may say It’s only a dog. It’s only a cat. Get over it, or Get a new one.  These words are spoken without clear thinking. Your pet is not something that you can just throw out in the trash, then go down the street and buy a new one.  It’s important to take time to grieve the loss of your beloved pet.  Put some distance between yourself and people who truly don’t understand your feelings at this time.  You are emotionally fragile, therefore, don’t let yourself be manipulated or pushed into anything that doesn’t resonate with you at a core level.

The third stage is the passage of time without giving yourself a timeline, allowing the grieving process to flow through you.  There is a chapter on Helpful Healing Tools that I have included in my book Rising Above Grief for People and Pets.  I would also add one further healing process which some people feel the need to help them find closure.  As an animal communicator and channeled medium I connect with animals in spirit. 

Everything that I am sharing with you has been personally experienced. With my love for all animals, including my own beloved pets, Voguie and Cosmo who are in spirit, we ask that you open up to love, caring, and sharing. 

Author's Bio: 

Philippa Kingsley is from London, in 1996 she moved with her husband and their two English Cocker Spaniels, Voguie and Cosmo to Atlanta.  She cooked all organic food for her dogs and any other dogs that happened to be around in the house at feeding time.  She is a self-confessed “dogoholic”, loves cats too, plus all other companion animals and farm animals.  

Philippa personally experienced the transformative power of VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing with a deep seated family issue that she thought would never change.  She became committed to sharing this healing process with others.

Philippa continuously takes higher levels of VortexHealing® trainings in USA and London.  She has developed a diverse client base of adults, children, animals and regularly speaks publicly about VortexHealing®.  She provides private VortexHealing® sessions, teaches meditation, grief healing, channeled Medium, and specializes in animal communication.  She works with rescue pets, lost pets, pet grief counseling and guidance around health issues.  She is also a certified member of The National Association of Public Speakers and Trainers.

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