Love is one of the most beautiful and absolutely amazing emotions and the only emotion we know when we are born into this life. That’s right! The other emotions we learn as we go through our lives which become part of our values, beliefs and attitudes such as fear, sadness, hurt, guilt. Imagine a new born baby grow as they begin to learn things….they have no fears they just keep trying something until they succeed. If you have total and unconditional love for yourself this is how your life could be….
In the course of a second, there are 2million bits of information that goes by us and we can only use 126 bits of that information. What does that mean? That means that wherever you are in you life, in a negative or positive place, you will either pull in the positive or negative bits. For example, if you were to question 6 people who attended the same event, you would get 6 different view of what their experience of that event was based on their 126 bits they took in at that event. An external event goes through our filters and our attitudes, beliefs and values and that becomes our reality. We then project our perceptions out around us. And this is how we view our own reality and each person has their own reality. We attract things to ourselves based on our reality. If you view the world as a loving place, you will attract that into your life. If you view the world as a fearful place you will attract fear. Which would you rather attract into your life? That’s right…LOVE! The emotional body is magnetic so whatever you are feeling is what you will attract. It’s so important to totally and unconditionally love and accept ourselves. We are all truly amazing beings worthy of love! So how do we create that? First, it’s important to listen to your inner dialogue you have with yourself…are you critical? Do you beat yourself up? When you go through your day and you don’t have the outcome you would have liked to have, what do you say to yourself? Do you say….i’m so stupid, or I should have done it that way? Or talk to yourself in a negative way? Instead of that, it would be better to stop and look at what you learned from it and look at how you would have liked your outcome to be and try something else. How many times do you use the words “should, have to, must” and words like this which create guilt. The next time you use the word “should” ask yourself “why should I” these words create guilt and it’s important to find out the root cause of your guilt which is why asking yourself “why” is so important. Next, live your life with intention, on purpose, have goals for yourself. These goals are for your only and not because someone else thinks you should do it. But WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT? Really give that some thought and run it through SMART GOALS. Next, take a look at yourself in the mirror….can you look yourself in the eye and say “I love you” to yourself? Some have a difficult time with this….but as you begin to go inside and do some self evaluation, and become intentional, you will have an easier time looking at yourself in the mirror. Next, make a list of 5 things you can do each day to show yourself that you love yourself. Things for you. for example, get a massage, go for a walk, begin your day eating healthy. Limitations that we put on ourselves come from things we learned. If you grew up with criticism then you learn that you are not good enough, or that you are not smart enough or that you don’t deserve to be loved or to create prosperity. These are all learned things which can be changed very easily as the root cause of all of them is that we don’t love ourselves. Love is a very powerful emotion and if you totally and unconditionally love and accept yourself, you won’t be depressed or live in will just live your life intentionally as you deserve to live….WOULDN’T THAT BE AMAZING? YES BECAUSE YOU ARE AMAZING!...YES YOU ARE…..ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT!!! Think about “who are you? Where am I going? Why am I here? What do I want? What do I need to complete? These are questions which help us go inside and begin to look . As you begin to look inside, you will be amazed at what you will find. Next, begin practicing forgiveness. Get rid of resentment and forgive whomever or whatever you have not forgiven. LET IT GO because what you are really doing is not loving yourself and not forgiving yourself, THAT’S RIGHT! The state of unforgiveness or resentment will take it’s toll on your life and health…and it will! Some of you may have already experienced that.
It’s so important to let go of “your stuff” the negative emotions you have been carrying around with you as they begin to bring your body to a state of unwellness, or the word dis-ease…yes take a good look at the word very carefully….dis-ease….means your body is not at ease. Don’t waste your life in that state, forgive, love, let go….I work with people to get to the root cause of what they are creating in one part of their life whether relationship, career,health, family, personal growth or spiritually and how they are not happy in one part of their life and would like to make changes and I work with them to help them experience and create what they want and it’s amazing to watch them. You can to!

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My name is Dr. Marie Kahvajian, ND Of the Center for Accelerated Changes. I am a Naturopath, Certified Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy. I work with individuals in a therapeutic setting for panic,anxiety and stress and anything that they would like to create in their lives, better health, relationships,personal growth, business performance and consulting. I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Hawaiian Huna Practioner which the Ancient art of spiritual healing thru shamanism. I teach NLP certification courses both practioner and Master Practioner levels, hypnotherapy certification and Time Line Therapy® certification. For more information Visit my website or call ….201-538-1085. NJ/NYC locations…
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