Few people were predicting that 2015 would see one of the most drastic declines in gasoline prices - this has been a boon to many people across America (and around the world), and has triggered a strong new car buying surge.

The good thing about modern cars is that they can last for a very long time, usually far after they have been paid for in full. This truly allows you to maximize your dollar, but buying a car for the long term requires a bit of planning.

Part of that is partially in your control - are you going to be getting married and having kids? Or do you already have two kids and the requisite stuff that goes with them? If a family is in your future, don't buy a sports car or a 2 door coupe!

There are lots of larger sedans on the market - choose one of those instead, or an SUV or the new hybrid SUV's on the market today.

The other thing to consider is the fact that oil, and gasoline, never stay low forever. Higher prices will sooner or later come back to us, and if history is accurate extreme spikes in gasoline costs can be expected at some point.

If you plan to have your new car for the next 7 - 8 years, consider whether the biggest SUV with an 8 cylinder is the smartest move. That idea may seem great when gas prices are low, but what about when they go back up to $3.00 or more per gallon?

Hybrids are a bridge against future fuel price increases, and they are making strides, but the battery life of the average hybrid vehicle does not last much past the payments, and then the battery will need to be replaced.

Strides are being made though, with some companies considering the battery to be a life of the car component capable of several hundred thousand miles. But the batteries are not cheap - they range from around $3000 to around $5000.

If you do decide to look at a hybrid vehicle, take the time to study the history of that company and model. These vehicles can deliver some very good mileage per gallon of gasoline. With most modern hybrids, drivers shouldn't need to make a battery replacement, but you should know the costs associated with the replacement if it is necessary.

Smaller four and six cylinder cars are capable of carrying and towing very respectable payloads as well, in many instances negating the need for the larger vehicles. Of course, if you do need to carry or tow large amounts of weight, an 8 cylinder or large diesel engine is hard to beat. Diesels in such vehicles almost always get better mileage, but diesel fuel is often quite a bit more expensive than gasoline.

So before you go buy a new car, keep the long term in mind - this will help you buy a car that can last long after the payments are done. To learn more, come to Tri City Subaru, a Maine Subaru dealer that drivers in the Northeast trust!

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