Someone with immigration Canada permanent resident visa is a lucky person. He/she has all the comforts in life. That’s because Canada is one of the most amazing countries to be a part of. Someone would want to know why it's desirable to live in Canada. This country has a great landscape and great terrain. That's why the people living here are so happy. Canada has been continuously categorized as a desirable place to live by the United Nations. Canada has been known for its happiness quotient of people for a long time. The Canada resident visa is useful because it allows such unparalleled privileges to people. Canada is one of the most well-bestowed countries in the world. The Canada resident visa is desired by people because this country has been one of the best countries for residence in the world. An icing on the feather when it comes to living in Canada is that this country has low rates of real estate. Such low rates are beneficial for those who get the Canada resident visa and have to buy property here.

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The city of Toronto is on the wish list of every immigrant after getting the Canada resident visa. This city has been inhabited by so many immigrants in the past few years. Now, there has been occupation happening nearby this city also. The reason for a large number of immigrants settling in Toronto is a lot of employment opportunities in this province.

Discussing the places where one can live in Toronto, they are, Markham and Vaughan. the holders of the Canada resident visa are eager to settle in these cities. The houses in these two areas consist of spacious rooms and gardens, something which is lacking at least in an average house in India. The reasonable property rates are one of the reasons one should strive to get the immigration Canada permanent resident visa. In 2.5 crores, you can get a 2 bedroom apartment in Markham which is reasonable as compared to Indian property prices. A large number of IT companies are also present in this city due to which everyone wants to be here after getting the Canada resident visa. These companies are IBM, Toshiba, Motorola, and Lucent. So, every IT personnel who gets the immigration Canada permanent resident visa is likely to start living in Markham.

On the other hand, once you have got the Canada resident visa, you can also decide to live in Vaughn. This city costs 1.5 crores for someone to buy a decent house. This decent house consists of 3 large bedrooms with a garage and patio.

Schools in Canada are also better than the schools in the rest of the world. Therefore, it’s better to get the Canada resident visa. In Canada, the school students are known to show better performance than the school students from other parts of the world. It was revealed when OECD did a comparison of the performance of such students from those belonging to 65 other countries.

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