According to our cultural mythology, the average male is like a raging bull in terms of his sexual desire; men are viewed as having an unending libido. A great majority of men identify their virility with their sex drive, so it is not surprising that few are willing to confess the truth - that they, like their female counterparts, may experience flagging desire that may or may not have to do with age, hormones or relationship issues.

The good news is that, in the first place, men who don’t feel the urge as frequently as they believe they should are in good company; at least 20 to 25% of all American men confess to decreased interest in sex. In the second place, in most cases, this problem is reversible. With the right attention to physical and mental health, as well as a little penis TLC, many, if not most men can rediscover their latent passion.

Some of the common causes of reduced sex drive are described here:

  • Cardiovascular health - Men whose cardiovascular system is not functioning at its best are likely to feel a sense of fatigue and overall lack of well-being that can contribute to low sex drive. Keeping track of heart health and following the doctor’s recommendations for treatment can help to improve things in the libido department, as well as increasing a man’s general level of health.
  • Diabetes - The effects of diabetes on the health are far-reaching, and sexual function is often a casualty of this dangerous disorder. Erectile dysfunction and low libido are often the result of poorly controlled blood sugar levels; therefore, managing diabetes is key to restoring optimum sexual function.
  • Obesity - Aside from the risk of developing diabetes, men who are seriously overweight are often just too low in energy to experience much interest in sex. Being overweight can also interfere with a man’s hormone levels and self-esteem - two more problems that can diminish his desire. Losing weight can promote an overall sense of well-being and confidence, as well as increasing circulation to the pertinent parts.
  • Low testosterone - Low levels of male hormone are often linked to decreased desire, although low-T, as it is often called, is not always to blame. A high level of irritability, weight gain, confusion, and difficulty making decisions may also signal a decreased level of testosterone; treating the underlying cause may help to reverse these effects.
  • Depression/anxiety - Mood disorders such as depression and anxiety are frequently linked to loss of desire. In addition, the medications often used to treat these conditions are often to blame for reduced sex drive. Men who are being treated with medications for these conditions should talk to their health care providers about potentially changing their medication.
  • Stress - While located near the end of this list, stress is perhaps one of the most frequent culprits in decreased libido levels. Often, learning to manage stress, or simply finding a way to eliminate the stressor, can help to restore a man’s interest in extracurricular activities.
  • Relationship problems - Finally, when it comes to intimacy, it stands to reason that a man who is experiencing relationship conflict may not feel like getting romantic with his partner. Addressing relationship issues - or even opting out of the relationship, if necessary, may be called for if this is the case.

Maintaining game-ready equipment

Even the most impassioned of men are in for a problem if their penis is not ready for action when they are. Dry, flaky or irritated penis skin, or a member that just isn’t all that responsive to touch, is unlikely to perform well when it comes down to game time.

Treating the penis right can help to improve its appearance and sensitivity, which in turn can give its owner a boost of confidence that can further improve his libido. To keep the penis healthy, supple and responsive, it should be kept clean - men who are uncut should be sure to clean under the foreskin, especially. Wearing underwear that is snug but not too tight can help to protect the package while allowing adequate circulation.

And finally, keeping the penis well-nourished by adding a high-quality penis vitamin cream (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to the daily penis care regimen can leave the skin smooth, well-hydrated and ready for action.

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