When you have low self-esteem you don’t hold much value in your own opinion. This makes it hard for you to maintain or form new relationships as you don't feel you are bringing anything to the table. You in fact become so unsure in yourself, hiding away seems a safer option to avoid embarrassing yourself.

STOP! This is extremely dangerous.

If you hide away with only yourself to talk to, and you are suffering from low self-esteem, you are creating a very unhealthy environment for you to survive in.

Firstly you are already feeling rejected by the world so you likely to be feeling bitter.

Secondly, as you are already feeling down and now bitter, you are not going to be in a healthy place to communicate with yourself. Every thought is likely to tell yourself someone more negative making your feel worse and worse every day.

Thirdly, as you have retreated from the world, not only have you entered a vicious cycle of self-negativity, you will become frustrated and lonely. You will just feel more helpless as no one is there to snap you out of this hole except you. And you are not in the right frame of mind to do it yourself!

Sadly this is where the depression can start leading to some terrible outcomes such as suicide or self harming.

You must take action straight away to boost your self esteem and prevent yourself becoming lonely. You must overcome the overwhelming fear of rejection, especially if the worrying in your head is rejecting yourself before anyone does it in reality.

The easiest way to find people whole will like and support you is to like and support yourself first. Just think about the person you would like to be around and become that person yourself. Likeminded people will be sure to then find you.

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