High levels of cholesterol in the blood is a very common problem nowadays. This may sound very dangerous, but high cholesterol can lead to very serious diseases. Harmful cholesterol slowly but steadily closing the arteries, blocking blood flow and thereby increase their risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. Would you like to reduce this risk, lower your cholesterol? Then you should follow three simple strategies below!

Doctors around pushing patients to lower their cholesterol with drugs and with a view of the key role that cholesterol plays in maintaining good health. You have to keep your cholesterol levels to a good level, but we also have our own cholesterol to keep us healthy. Take these 10 things with your doctor the next time he talks about his cholesterol test with you. I, and I think he appreciated my interest in their own health. He listens to me and he kept me check and see that I'm doing a very good job of reducing your cholesterol and keep yourself healthy, drug-free. I flat refuse to take statin product. I Omega Q Plus, which is fish oil.

Read this list, learn, and then take steps to research your health problems.

* Our liver, brain, and almost every cell in our body the raw material from cholesterol. Enzymes convert the raw material into vitamin D, steroid hormones, stress hormones, estrogen hormone progesterone hormone, testosterone hormones and bile salts needed to digest and absorb fat.

* Our body makes cholesterol, as needed. Our body makes 85% of our body cholesterol levels, while the rest comes from food. Our body will produce cholesterol we need, when we can not get it in our diet.

* You can have a different cholesterol several times a day, depending on what you eat and how much benefit you will get.

* Our cholesterol tends to go in the winter because we get to use less in the summer because we get more exercise. Exercise helps control your cholesterol, along with a good dose of fish oil.

Eat fewer high cholesterol foods.
Eat fewer foods that are high in saturated fat.
Increase your intake of foods that are high in fiber and other cholesterol-lowering foods.

Strategy # 1: Eating fewer high cholesterol foods

Cholesterol is found mainly in animal products, such as:

meat (especially beef)
more fat dairy products (eg milk, cheese, cream)

Prepared foods often are high in cholesterol, such as:

processed foods
Cookies and Cakes

You should limit your intake of these foods. Experts recommend a daily 300 mg of cholesterol per day limit.

Strategy # 2: Eat fewer foods that are high in saturated fat

Only saturated fat, cholesterol, mostly found in animal products, like the ones listed above. Our modern diet contains way too much saturated fat, our body produces harmful cholesterol from the fat. So, just to eat cholesterol foods without necessarily solution. Foods low in cholesterol can still raise your blood cholesterol levels if they are high in saturated fat. Foods that contain cholesterol, but also poly-unsaturated fats and, on the other hand, can not be as bad as these fats reduce harmful cholesterol production and enhance the safety production of cholesterol that cleans the arteries from plaque.

Please note that the reduced fat "products still contain up to three-quarters of the fat in their fat version. "Low fat" and "low cholesterol" foods contain small amounts of these nutrients, but they do contain them. Even fat or cholesterol "free" products contain very small amounts and are not really "free."

Strategy # 3: Increase your intake of foods that are high in fiber and other cholesterol-lowering foods

Fiber takes cholesterol from your body, like a sponge. Low cholesterol food groups or even cholesterol is:

vegetables (especially green leafy ones)
whole-grain products

Specific foods that are great help to lower cholesterol are:

green salad
Quaker Oats
extra virgin olive oil

The best advice to give you, if you want to reduce cholesterol is not only to reduce their cholesterol intake, but also the amount of saturated fat you eat. How do we produce four times more cholesterol, saturated fat or dietary cholesterol we consume, it is our biggest enemy in the fight against high cholesterol levels. In addition, the need to eat more high-fiber foods.

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