Lucid dreaming is like a virtual reality movie set inside your head. Lucid dreaming is the act of realizing that you are dreaming while you are still in a dream. When you realize that you are dreaming, the sky is the limit on what you can do. Have you ever fantasized about being a brain surgeon? Then lucid dreaming is your chance to do it without having to go to university for eight years. Have you ever wanted to be a gymnast? Lucid dreaming is the way you can do it without years of training and the perfect body type for such endeavors.

You can even use lucid dreaming as a chance to train and practice for real events in your life. If you have a speech that you must give and it makes you nervous to do so, you can practice your public speaking skills in front of a dream audience. If you have always wanted to play the guitar like a pro, you can have a dream teacher and literally learn guitar while you sleep. You can also problem solve and try different actions and see results in dreams. Perhaps you have a difficult confrontation to deal with, and you can use different ways of communication to see what works.

Ego fulfillment can be done during lucid dreams. I personally have had the fantasy of being a big-time producer or director in Hollywood, but the likelihood of that happening in my regular life is pretty slim. First of all, I’m not willing to live in Los Angeles all the time, and I also don’t have interest in working my way up the ladder in the movie industry for a goal I most likely couldn’t achieve. However, I have fulfilled this ego desire many times in the world of lucid dreams. I have directed huge big-budget productions with expensive sets and costumes for period pieces, and I have worked with almost every movie star that I’ve ever been interested in. I sure did have a lot of fun, and technically, my brain doesn’t note that it didn’t really happen!

That is the beautiful thing about dreams, especially lucid dreams. Your mind does not sort out what has happened in real life and what has happened in dream life. The same neural pathways are used, and even new ones are created based on the experiences you have in the dream worlds. This is why learning can happen in dreams. As far as your human brain knows, it really happened!

I wrote the course on Lucid dreaming in the curriculum of University Of Metaphysical Sciences, and I have taught many classes on lucid dream techniques. Some techniques are more complicated than others, but I offer one to you today that you can start with right now. If you are able to do this every day, you will have lucid dreams within a month or two!

Dream Signs
A lot of people think that lucid dreaming is a power only those who are spiritually adept can achieve. Actually, lucid dreaming is quite easy to achieve and only takes a little mind training that can be done during your daily life. I did most of my lucid dreaming training during my waking hours as I went about my day.

The trick is to learn to look for dream signs. Dream signs are anything that happens that is out of the ordinary. You can use these dream signs to trigger yourself to ask the question, “Am I dreaming?” Of course, you always answer, “Yes!” Then look around you as if you are in a dream and ask yourself how you are now seeing things differently, now that you realize you are awake in the dream. (This is done in your daily waking life and can be used as a tool for enlightenment as well, since after your human life is the dreaming of your soul!)

When you do this often enough, on a daily basis, your mind carries this habit into the dream worlds. You will find yourself looking for dream signs during your sleep just as you did during your waking hours. Here too in the dream worlds you’ll ask yourself the question, “Am I dreaming?” Of course, you always answer, “Yes!” Then you will literally awaken in your dream and you are free to change your set, start a whole new dream, fly, change the feeling and the nature of the dream, conquer your monsters, learn a new skill, and whatever else your heart desires to do in this virtual reality dream world in your head. You are the star of whatever movie you would like to invent.

So how do you look for dream signs? The hard part is paying attention and keeping your consciousness focused on looking for things that are out of the ordinary. Human beings are on automatic pilot to such an extent that we don’t notice things that are out of the ordinary, even though they are there all the time. So your first task is to become more alert, more present in the moment, and pay attention to what is happening around you all the time. Vigilance is necessary to be successful at noticing dream signs when they happen, remembering to ask your question immediately and changing your focus on reality.

Keep a notebook with your throughout the day and write down any unusual things that you see. Is your boss wearing the most ridiculous tie you have ever seen in your life? Did someone say something out of character? Did an appliance stop working? Did a guy ride by in a purple car? What has happened that is unusual in this particular hour? You will notice that there are more things that can catch your attention, even if they are only slightly unordinary.

Dream signs don’t have to be out of the ordinary, either. You could simply tell yourself that every time a phone rings you will ask your question and awaken in the dream. You could use something as ordinary as every time you turn on a light, or see a light, as a trigger to ask your question. You could use something as simple as every time your neighbor’s dog barks you ask your question. Dream signs can be anything you choose them to be. Then when you are in the dream worlds, even these ordinary signs will appear and trigger you to ask yourself if you are dreaming.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy! Try not to wake up from your dream when you suddenly achieve lucidity for the first time. I was so excited the first time I woke up in a dream that I literally woke myself up from sleep! If it happens, just try again. It could be a wonderful new beginning and the riches from within your own virtual reality dream worlds will bless your life forever.

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