You should believe in luck because luck can make or break your life.

Lucky Breaks
Good luck gives us opportunities and good events, while bad luck has the opposite effect.

What is Luck?
Dictionaries define luck as something that happens to us, affecting our interests and happiness.

No Such Luck!
There are a number of definitions of luck and many of us focus on the chance element, but it is also an influence (a thing or power) that makes good things happen to people.

Natural Flow
Shakespeare believed in natural luck, but if you use the 10 secrets revealed here you will see luck flow naturally in your life.

There are ways of upping our chances of being lucky. Here are 10 ways.

10 Secrets for upping the luck quotient in your life

1. HARNESSING INTUITION. Consider your gut feelings and your intuition. Intuition is what your instinct feels, the inner feelings when you think about something.

2. BEYOND YOUR FEARS: Your fears may be holding you back. Feel the fear but go ahead and do whatever it was that you feared. That may lead to a successful breakthrough.

3. BEYOND YOUR BEST EXPECTATIONS: Expect the worse and you get… Expect the best and you could just get that best.

4. BE MORE CURIOUS THAN YOUR CAT: Too much curiosity may have killed the cat, but curiosity may lead on to your success. Being curious may lead you to more opportunities.

5. OPEN MINDS OPEN UP OPPORTUNITIES: While some people may achieve overnight success, for the rest of us we have to be prepared to build up our skills, talents and experience over a period time. So stay open to the possibilities, opportunities and open doors as you work towards success.

6. BEYOND THE COMFORT ZONE. Think of ways to stretch yourself that will help your career and interests.

7. BE THAT LUCKY PERSON: Believe that you are lucky. In fact, virtually everyone has good things going for them. In other words, they are the blessings you have and we all have some blessings. Treat them as your stepping stones and/or foundations for greater growth.

8. MOTIVATION VROOM: Motivation is the engine of growth. Inspiration is the fuel for motivation, so associate with people who are inspiring and/or read materials that uplift you into the realm of motivation.

9. PUMP UP YOUR PERSEVERANCE: Treat failure as stepping stones, treat moderate success as foundations for greater success. Never give up and eventually you will turn the tide and be more successful.

10. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE: I always say when you ask, you have a 50 per cent chance of getting what you want. The person you ask has two choices, Yes or No. Often, there is no harm asking and you might be pleasantly surprised with the Yes you receive. Even if it is a no, you have learnt something about yourself and the person you asked. They often say that the most successful insurance agents are those who ask the most and remain undeterred by the nos.

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