I just read an article today (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/3304496/Be-lucky-its-an-easy-skill...) on a study done on what separates lucky people from unlucky people. It seems that “lucky people” are more relaxed overall, and are therefore able to take in information that is out there, (sometimes it’s right there in their faces,) while “unlucky people” tend to be more wound up, and focused on whatever they’re focused on.

I’m not knocking focus here; I’m just reporting what I read, but it does tend to coincide with my own experience of being more able to process things, get things done, have incredible insights and “gifts”, etc. when I’m relaxed and not stressing out about things. When I worked as a recruiter, I would sometimes be joyful, flowing and wondrously, and miraculously, some of the things I needed to do got done for me! I would receive a call from a candidate that I’d meant to follow up with, or I would “magically” find someone who was perfect for the job. It is magic, in a way, and in a way, it’s the way the world really works, if you get out of the way.

Lately I’ve been “lucky”, or maybe you could call it simply relaxed, or surrendered. Things have been coming my way all over the place, and I’ve been grateful for every piece of it. I think that gratitude is the place to start. When you just stop to notice all the abundance around you, you cannot help but include yourself in there as one of the lucky recipients, or even one of the beneficial forces of that incredible bounty. Yes, YOU. You are one of the forces of this world!

Think about it. The times when you’ve been falling in love, haven’t you received things that you weren’t counting on, like money, gifts, compliments, unexpected invitations, and the like? It’s because you were FLOWING. Flow is part of the gift we have.

So relax! Get your flow on! See what you can create.

Author's Bio: 

Holly Mae Howard is a Los Angeles based Psychic Channeler who works with two different high level Master guides: Malcolm and Ingira to assist people in finding the answers to Life’s questions. She has been working as an empath for over 20 years, and began working as a psychic channeler in 2007. Holly can be reached at hollymae@malcolmschannel.com or you can visit her website at www.malcolmschannel.com.
Holly studied psychic development with Echo Bodine, a gifted psychic and teacher in Minneapolis, and was influenced greatly by the late Paul Michael Davies, who channeled Plautus for many years. Paul was the premier psychic of Minneapolis, Minnesota in his time.
Holly’s former background was in corporate recruitment, which gave her ease in working with all types of personalities.
After attending a psychic gathering in 2007, and receiving a channeled reading, Holly attempted channeling herself, which is where she met Malcolm, her first of several guides. Malcolm is a wise, compassionate spirit with an interest in information, and especially in health and nutrition. In most readings, whether he is the guide who is speaking for the duration or not, Malcolm will give the client a health scan and recommended food list, as well as a list of foods to avoid.
Ingira is a very loving guide who calls people up to their highest potential. She and Malcolm often team up to do most of the readings together.
Holly’s mission is to empower people to make life decisions in their highest interests, as well as to inspire the creative passion in others.
Holly is also an artist who discovered her talent for painting several years ago, and has produced many beautiful works of art, which she showcases on her art website: www.chezmaecafe.com. Holly is also an avid blogger and you can find her work on www.confessionsofawhirledtraveler.blogspot.com.