The business sector or the corporate sector has seen an unparalleled growth in the last couple of decades. This change created huge opportunities for the corporate, constitutional and criminal law courses as lucrative career choices. A corporate lawyer is known to be responsible for handling the business operations, decision in a legal way. The corpora lawyer provides guidelines to the companies that how the business is conducted within the legal limits. The constitutional and criminal lawyers’ job mostly pertains to assisting the governmental issues within the country’s jurisdiction.
India has around half a million students appearing for the law entrance exams and most of them land up great opportunities post successfully completing the degree. Though the momentum of study and hard work involved is higher, the end results also fetch you a good earning amount when it comes to Law careers. Many a times, lawyers limit themselves and don’t explore all the opportunities. This is a huge mistake.
The Law as a career field which comes with varied and distinguished career option for the students who are looking for their higher studies after masters or their senior secondary education. There are a number of prestigious institutes and law schools in India which offer various courses for the students. You can start preparing for your law studies and check online for the list of top B.A. LL.B. Hons Colleges in Maharashtra. The college grading and eligibility criteria will help you prepare well for the entrance exam accordingly.
So if you have been planning since many years and are really keen to take up law as your sole career here are a few tips to follow. Firstly, if you are really interested in the law then there are various specialization courses that you can choose as per your forte or interest. Constitutional, criminal and corporate law structures are the most sought after by students these days. Though the course of study and practice varies in each of these segments, you can surely considering going for one of these. Constitutional law is also one branch of law, which you can study after completing your graduation or even just after your class 12th. This course will give you an opportunity to work with big organizations and MNC’s. You can also check out media law and corporate law if that interests you.
Also, before you decide to take up the bachelors in law, it is extremely crucial to study the entire bba llb course syllabus and the eligibility criteria of colleges. Though it gets difficult to crack the entrance exams you can always keep all the options open.
If you do not want to take up the conventional job of a lawyer, after completing your Masters course, you can also go for some offbeat career choices and become a consultant, financial consultant or private tax consultant, CA, or a company secretary as well. If law inspires you, go for constitutional or criminal law, but apart from that there are also some other great options like Media law and business law. This segment also include various aspects of a country’s law and order and has various norms, rules, regulations and formalities which needs to be addressed for a specific company.
Students usually who are looking to pursue their bachelors in law go for a bba b.a. ll.b. hons course in Maharashtra as it is widely recognized and approved if taken under a accredited University.
Let us see the employment opportunities that await you right after you complete your degree education -
Taxation is a huge gimmick and most of the HNI i.e high net worth individuals and multinational companies hire legal advisors to look into their company matters overseas and within the country in order to avoid any discrepancies and legal hassles.
To be eligible to pursue higher studies in law, you must complete your class 12th or senior secondary examination with a first class from a recognized board or university. So once you meet this eligibility criterion you can take up the CLAT 2018 exam which is known as the common law admission test. This test is usually conducted for the admission to the top government and private colleges in India. After successful clearing the exam, you may choose the course and specialized law branch of your choice.
So get ready to take up the plunge and advance your law career!

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