Up to 90 per cent of Lung Cancers are caused by Smoking. So, if you smoke, it is really wise to never hold that Death Stick in between your fingers. Leave Smoking before Cancer catches you.

Before putting things right across about the Cancer Treatment India, let’ first try to understand what exactly Cancer is?

Cancer develops when cells in a part of body grow abruptly or out-of-order. And, this is certainly not good for the body. There are many types of Cancer; however they all begin with abnormal growth of cells in body.

Now, let’s talk about Lung Cancer and Cancer Treatment India

Lung cancer usually germinates in the lining of the airway. And, again there are different types of Lung Cancer. However, they can broadly be classified into: a) small cell carcinomas and, b) non-small cell carcinomas.


If you already have no idea about the cause, you will be surprised to know that SMOKING causes up to 90 per cent of Lung Cancers. So, watch it out before you smoke that cigarette again. True, SMOKING KILLS! There are several other causes behind the development of Lung Cancer.

Cancer Treatment India and Cancer Surgery Hospital India

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Well, the most common symptom is a cough that doesn’t go away. There are other signs as well, such as shortness of breath, chest pains, bronchitis, and bloodstained sputum. There may be some other symptoms that may not appear related to Lung Cancer. The reason may be the spread of a lung cancer to several other parts of the body.


Chest X Ray, Computerised Tomography (CT) Scan, Sputum Cytology, Bronchoscopy, Fine-needle Aspiration, MRI Brain, and Bone Scans are some of the tests that are carried out to diagnosis the stage and degree of Lung Cancer. An accurate diagnosis of the disease helps in choosing the right Cancer Treatment India.


Surgery, Radiotherapy, and Chemotherapy are the main treatments for Lung Cancer. It is to be noted that the choice of treatment largely depends on the type of Lung Caner and the stage of it.

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