We supply an extensive range of Russian Remy Hair extensions, professional systems, tools and specialist aftercare to both the retail and wholesale sector, with our beautiful 100% human hair extensions there is no need to wait years for your hair to grow to achieve that stunning look you have always wanted.

The newest addition to our hair portfolio is our Russian/Mongolian Cuticle hair. We traveled far and wide to source this perfect blend of hair. We selected raw hair from different countries including Russia and Mongolia, and blended them together to exploit the individual strengths of each race of hair. This hair is silky soft just like typical Russian hair yet strong and durable like typical Mongolian hair.

The hairs are sourced only from young healthy donors to ensure that the hair we collect is in the best possible condition. We have also developed the processing techniques in such a manner that the condition of the hair is not lost through rapid colour processing. This hair is processed slowly to maintain a beautiful, soft and shiny hair that will retain its vitality for up to a year and beyond.
Foxy Hair Extensions Remy opulence hair Wefts are crafted from our premium quality 5A graded double-drawn Brazilian Remy hair for sublime results lasting up to 9 months! This hair is double-drawn and cuticle correct which ensures that each strand is the same length from root-to-tip, with all cuticle layers laid in the direction of natural hair growth for luxurious, natural looking results that transform your look.

Kiss Hair Extensions are a revolution in hair extensions. We provide one of the finest hair extensions available in the world. For us, it’s always quality over quantity and when it comes to human hair, there’s only one choice – 100% Virgin Remy Hair.

The highest grade of real, human hair, our Kiss Remy Hair Extensions come with the cuticles intact aligned and preserved in a unidirectional manner. Each bundle of hair is selected, sorted, and packaged meticulously; carefully shampooed, conditioned, and combed to ensure soft, silky, and super shiny tangle-free hair that lasts a lifetime – that is our guarantee.

Our customers often tell us that the quality of hair extensions is the most important factor when they’re shopping around. Not only are cheap extensions manufactured from artificial materials, they also matt and shed quickly. This means that although you may think you’re saving money, in the long run you’ll need to buy new extensions more often. What’s more, cheap extensions often can’t be styled with heat tools, meaning you are unlikely to create the look you want.

Remy hair extensions are considered to be the best quality on the market, as the cuticles of the human hair are protected throughout the manufacturing process. It’s these cuticles in the hair that ensure your extensions look natural and glossy.

With Remy hair extensions, the natural direction of the hair is also retained, meaning the natural tops and bottoms of the extension remain the same once the relevant fitting is added. This feature is important, as it means the strands of hair fall more naturally once fitted or clipped to your head.

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