Luster Premium White is one of the popular consumer tooth whitening brand. The leading consumer brand is launching a new product line and packaging that will leave consumers impressed. The packaging makeover cuts across the entire dentist collection, and it also includes new products that show the brand is still fully committed to safety, innovation, and impeccable service in the tooth whitening industry.

The new Luster Premium White packaging comes with a visually design. The color combination of sapphire, white, and light blue accentuate the product. In addition, it comes with a refurbished Luster Premium White logo, and there is a seal of Satisfaction Guarantee clearly visible on the body of the body. A Silver Foil banner on the top left corners of the carton helps customers to tell the difference between new products, and those with the original packaging.

There is a transparent window that helps consumers to see the contents of the Luster Whitening Systems. Consumers can easily see what they are buying. Well placed bold fonts show safety, and help vary between the teeth whitening advantages of each product. The packaging also includes simple and easy to follow directions well positioned in each package. The new and old product line of Luster Premium White products are designed to limit tooth sensitivity and are sulfate-free. The entire product line also has the 2018 Women's Choice Award for Teeth Whitening Systems and Toothpastes.

The New Product Line is:

Power White Toothpaste

An all-round deep stain removal toothpaste. Provides professional-grade peroxide teeth whitening, along with teeth care benefits.

Luster AM/PM Whitening Toothpaste System

It comes with a combination of fluoride toothpastes that offer teeth whitening, protection for cavity, cleansing, and more. It is an instant and deep whitening toothpaste that can be used for daily dental hygiene needs. Use it at night for fresh breath, teeth whitening, and stain removal. Use it at night to strengthen your enamel and removal of deep stains.

Power White Pro Sonic Whitening System

Used for deep stain removal, teeth whitening, and strengthening of the enamel. The Power White Pro comes with an Advanced Sonic Toothbrush, making it the only peroxide-based whitening kit that comes with a personalized toothbrush).

Getting To Know Luster Premium White

Luster Premium White is one of the leading premium tooth whitening brands in the world. It was founded in 2007, and it offers a range of products that help to meet various consumer teeth whitening needs. The brand prides itself in developing safe, efficient, and effective whitening products.   The company is dedicated to improving dental health.

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