Does that sound extravagant right now - to luxuriate in your worthiness? With economic hardships everywhere we turn, indulgence of any kind may feel inappropriate to you. I can understand that. Still, I suggest that this may be precisely what will help to unbind you from the sensation of hardship, and initiate an improved flow toward abundance.

I am fully aware that many people are struggling right now because of the financial issues happening in our current economy. I hear stories about this from neighbors, friends, and clients. I feel the impact as well, in spite of my deep belief that I create my life by my thoughts and intentions. No other person, not the economy or even the government can assume that role in my life. Sure, I live in this world and these are factors that must be dealt with. I choose to deal with it in this way … by acknowledging the external events happening which differ from what I desire, while trusting that it is a temporary situation. And then, knowing with clarity in the same moment – right now – that there is something more powerful at play: A force of Life on the planet, the Source of all that is. The Energy that created this world is the same Energy that sustains everything in it, including me … including you. No matter what.

I have noticed that when I hold to this Truth with absolute certainty, the economy is not a major factor. When I am in that state of “flow” with the energy of Life, and to the extent I am able to maintain that state, everything I need comes to me easily and in ways that are more amazing than I could have accomplished in my limited physical ability to make things happen. Do you have those kinds of experiences too?

Days when things you expected to be hard seem to magically go just right, and then other days when even the simplest of things are inexplicably very challenging.

So why is that? What makes the difference? The economy doesn’t change so quickly to make one day better than the next in the moment-to-moment living of our lives. The government isn’t issuing new regulations that alter how your day unfolds at momentary speed. And so, it stands to reason, there must be another factor influencing how it flows. For those of you who embrace metaphysical or spiritual concepts such as Law of Attraction, you probably already know what I am describing. But do you understand how to sculpt this Energy to stay in that state of flow that feels so sublime?

The magic element is this: Knowing your WORTHINESS. Then, from that powerful foundation, you can begin creating positive experiences by the power of your carefully focused thoughts and emotions.

Imagine how exquisite your life would be if you always knew without question that your every goal, your most ardent desires, are attainable. You knew you were worthy of being assisted by all the resources the Universe could provide. The game was not wrestling with uncertainties about IF and HOW it might happen for you … it was not about monumental willpower or sacrifice and struggle … it was only about one thing: The joy of achieving. You set your aim with intent focus, release the bow … and then relax as you enjoy the step by step activity that occurs in the certain unfolding and manifesting of your heartfelt desire. You have complete confidence that visualizing your success yields the experience of an expert archer whose aim will find its target.

Sounds great, you may be saying, but how exactly does that work? I find that it’s easier to practice this experientially with someone who already grasps it, than to merely explain it ;-) which is why having a Visualizing Coach (my passion) can be tremendously helpful to develop trust in your innate worthiness. Yet, there is a lot that can be accomplished by reading a few tips and experimenting on your own. In fact, I have been delighted in the amazing results people have who use my self-study program, Visualize 123 (

I would like to offer my best advice to help you begin. I encourage you to do more than just read this article. Put it into practice right away. I assure you, experience will be your best teacher ;-)

There are TWO PARTS OF THE FORMULA necessary for you to wrap yourself in the luxurious feeling of worthiness, even in trying times. Each serves the other. FOCUS YOUR MIND, then from the security of YOUR WORTHINESS you will powerfully CREATE.

PART ONE: Understand the power of your FOCUS in creating your Life.

If you don’t truly grasp how powerful your focus is to create your experiences – knowingly or absent-mindedly – you must begin here. Let’s review the basics of the three steps of creation, which are not new - they have been used throughout human history.

Everything that exists in life first began as an idea, a focused thought coupled with a feeling of passion. Think about life before electricity, before the automobile, and before computers and the internet. These are magnificent examples of creating, and the process is the same for everything you want to create in your own life. First, someone had an idea to improve the status quo, to try something different from what they (and the rest of the world) were currently living and accepting as “the norm” as they went about their days. These powerful creators of such groundbreaking new ideas were aligned with a flow of energy, Life Force, beyond what they witnessed in the world around them. They did not succumb to the limits of what society accepted as the standard. They aligned with something much grander.

These masters of creation went on to pursue their ideas with ardent passion, focus that was as true and steady as a laser. Did they ever grow weary and consider giving up? Perhaps in moments of frustration they may have wavered in doubt, but they never gave way to disillusion completely. They persisted with their determined focus fueled by the passion of their purpose. They stayed focused on their end result, the seemingly impossible new belief they were endeavoring to make a new reality. And it became a reality.

Fueled by the passion of their purpose, they took inspired action. They didn’t yet know how to create this new goal – this new “reality.” After all, these inventions were not believed to be possible by most people at that time in history. They could not follow a blueprint. They were creating their own blueprint, using their unique talents, intuition, and life experience. They had the courage to not compare themselves disparagingly to others. They did not collapse under societal pressures to conform and be like everyone else. They knew they were born to be different, and they listened to their own inner guidance. From that inner wisdom, they had faith to take the action they were inspired to take. History reveals that a great many of these innovators participated in Master Minds where they believed a Divine Intelligence synced with their minds and heart energy to guide them to accomplish greater feats than would be possible alone. And this powerful guidance led them to action steps they did not perceive by their own great intellect. And so, they achieved marvelous feats for which all our lives are hugely improved.

(If you are looking for a method to employ the creation process in your everyday life, using the Power of Focus to VISUALIZE and then taking INSPIRED ACTION every day to achieve your dreams and goals, I have developed a powerful tool called Your Daily Compass. It’s just one of the tools included in my simple do-it-yourself system, Visualize 123. You can receive a FREE SAMPLING on my website: or when you subscribe to my blog, The free gift is called Your 10 Minute Toolkit to FEEL BETTER FAST! Enjoy it with my best wishes.)

PART TWO: Luxuriate in your worthiness.

Now you understand the basic steps to create: (1) ALIGN with Divine Intelligence to access all the resources of The Universe, (2) FOCUS on your desire with consistent belief, then (3) ACHIEVE by taking the inspired action that becomes clear to you. However, there is one more key element essential to comprehend before you begin, from which derives the magic and miracles. Without this piece of the puzzle, you will have diminished results – if any.

Remember what Einstein taught us … EVERYTHING IS ENERGY!

The real power to accomplish miracles in your life happens consistently when you operate from the core foundation of All That Is … a vortex of vibrational energy flow. Here’s why.

When you focus on your goal, or speak words to affirm it, your emotions radiate a vibrational signal that is more powerful than words alone. If you take action, affirm goals, or visualize from a place of anxiety or doubt … that negative vibration inhibits your achievement. When you focus using the power of vibration or energy that is aligned in a positive state toward the achievement you desire, you leverage a power beyond your words and your thoughts. Then your vision becomes a powerful magnet that draws resources to you which were previously unrecognizable or unavailable to you. This is how you move mountains - not by physically moving them. This is the power deep within the tiny mustard seed of faith. It is the power of harnessed energy. To leverage the Life Force in all that is, you must first strengthen your connection to it.
When you know your worthiness, it will become natural for you to recognize and engage with this powerful creative force. You operate within this flow almost effortlessly. When you know your worthiness, you don’t struggle to create on your own in the world. You feel the power of Life surrounding you, and you never hesitate to embrace it as you take action to create your own happiness and to improve the life of those you influence.

"Being WORTHY isn’t something you earn, it’s something you RECOGNIZE.
And once you do, you won’t be able to think, speak, or behave in any other way than as if what you MOST want is simply meant to be."
~Mike Dooley, founder of Think Unique Thoughts (

Need help getting into that luxurious feeling of core worthiness? Think about a time when you felt bathed in a state of contentment.
• Entwined with your lover after a passionate, joyous connection
• Encircled by friends who uplift you, sharing laughter and warmth
• Embracing a pet who you adore, feeling the miracle of their devotion
• Sitting on a beach, the sounds and smells of the ocean wafting over you
• Lying in the grass, soaking in the warmth of the sun and the joy of birds singing nearby

Now, pause to really feel that for a minute or two. Bask in that deliciousness.

That is your core worthiness. That is your connection to Source. That is how you harness the power of Life Force, and the foundation from which your aligned focus and inspired action becomes an avalanche of amazing results for you. (If you want to understand more deeply, I explain this fully in my book: Everyday Magic & Miracles: Harnessing the Power of Visualizing with the Joy of Inspired Action. You can get a FREE EXCERPT on my website or at my blog, as part of Your 10 Minute Toolkit to FEEL BETTER FAST.)

Now, I have one final spiritual seed I hope to plant into your beautiful consciousness today … you cannot uplift others until you first empower yourself. Many times I hear from loving, spiritual seekers how much they want to help others. It’s noble and touching. I love the generous heart of these people. However, until they first empower themselves they will never fulfill that desire. I think this quote by Esther and Jerry Hicks, from The Teachings of Abraham, states it powerfully and clearly.

"You cannot get sick enough to help sick people get better. You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive. It is only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone. If you're wanting to be of an advantage to others, be as tapped in, tuned in, turned on as you can possibly be."
~Abraham (

So, if you feel guilty about luxuriating in your own worthiness when someone you care about is struggling … please remember that you must lead by example. When you raise your vibration, you can then influence them more quickly and powerfully than if you attempt it from a weaker, less aligned vibration. It is how healers heal. They learn to hold the sacred space of innate worthiness – their own and those around them - which uplifts others to find their core worthiness too.

One of my favorite videos was created by the talented Giselle Frederich with the wisdom of Abraham, as expressed by Esther and Jerry Hicks: Now We Are Free! (

In it you will see the most magnificent trees. As you observe them, ask yourself this:

* Do you think these trees ever doubt their worthiness to dig their roots deeply and broadly into the soil for every ounce of nutrients they require to thrive?

* Do you think these trees ever hold back from widely embracing the sun and sky joyfully in total expansiveness of who they have become?

I feel sure you will agree with me, the answer is a resounding - NO, of course not! They boldly embrace the energy of Life and allow it to flow through them all their days. Let’s do the same ;-)

I encourage you to embrace life, knowing your full glory. You are beloved of Source and equally magnificent as the beautiful trees that just took your breath away.

I will do the same, and I invite you to join me in this endeavor. You can participate here on my expert page or by subscribing to my blog. If you want to work with me directly as your Visualizing Coach, please contact me or visit my website to explore those choices.

It will be my honor to help you discover your innate worthiness, and from that true vision, together we will sculpt your new empowered self-image.

Life is precious, live N JOY!

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