Phuket is a lovely island in Thailand located just off the Andaman Sea. Its beautiful beaches, great weather and the blue sea attract hordes of tourists every year. Phuket offers something for everyone and every tourist finds something to do to his liking. The energetic and adventurous ones can indulge in a host of water sports like water-skiing, para-sailing, jet-skiing, snorkelling or deep sea diving while the more laid-back ones can simply lounge on the beach soaking up the sun. Phuket also has a mind-boggling nightlife and the party never stops through the night especially during the more popular winter season. There is plenty of entertainment options to keep even the most jaded taste satisfied and Phuket is choc-a-block full of restaurants of varied international cuisines to tempt the intrepid diner.

Phuket accommodation is never a problem as the island is studded with innumerable hotels, bed-and breakfasts, shacks and resorts catering to all kinds of travellers and all types of budgets. Ranging from world-class hotels and resorts offering luxurious accommodation and opulent amenities to the comfortable mid-range staying options and coming down to absolutely basic accommodation with the minimum of facilities, Phuket has it all. All the top Phuket resorts and hotels are situated very near the beaches and boast of top-of-the-line amenities and facilities.

The hoteliers in Phuket are savvy business people and they know how to keep all kinds of tourists happy. Accordingly, various kinds of holiday packages are offered to suit every individual need. Seasonal discounts, special discounts, group discounts are usual for any Phuket accommodation and it is advisable to check on these deals before making reservations. Many family packages offer excellent deals with free stay for children and are inclusive of all meals. Upgrades to superior rooms, complimentary meals, free internet, parking space, free sightseeing, complimentary pick-ups and drops are some of the other benefits offered by most Phuket hotels and resorts. Some places even have different room tariffs (from the normal ones) for regular visitors who visit frequently. The internet is a great tool to scour for the best deals and many tour operators also offer very good rates for accommodation in Phuket. They offer choices based on your budget and you can book anywhere in the world with them like even hotels of Hotels London Budget.

Seasonal variations in tariffs are the norm in Phuket and you can find the cheapest rates during the low season of May to October when you may even be able to stay in the most luxurious of places without making a dent in your pocket. Longer stays of more than a week in any season will also guarantee you better discounts. The tourist high season in Phuket is from November to April and if travelling during this period, you must be prepared to pay more.

The vast range of Phuket accommodation offered is suitable for any type of traveller be it the business traveller or the family tourist or a honeymooning couple and tourists can pick and choose according to their budget and requirements.

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