Are you looking to buy a residential property in Singapore? You might want to purchase the property purely for making it a home, or you might have plans make profit off that property through rent or through a timely sale. Regardless of your intentions, if you are planning to buy a residential property in the city, you should first know everything there is to know about such properties in the city.

Classification of residential properties in Singapore

Although the realtors within the city like to use a lot of names for the categories of properties, residential properties within Singapore can be classified into three primary categories. The first among these categories include the top tier of high-end luxury properties, which include extremely luxurious and elegant features and facilities. These properties also enjoy supreme locations and are very highly priced. Hence, they are only affordable for the rich section of the society. The second category includes mid-tier residential properties that offer a number of fairly comfortable, if not overtly luxurious, features and facilities. They have fairly affordable prices, and can be afforded by the average Singaporean.

These properties, however, are known to offer significantly luxurious features when compared to the prices charged for them. The third category of residential homes in the city comprise of the homes that are meant for the common people. These homes are usually located in the suburban locations or along the fringes of the city, and do not offer many luxurious features. In fact, these homes are simply comfortable or modest at best. The prices, however, are extremely cheap and can be easily afforded even by the common person of the city with an average income.

New breathtaking luxury homes in Singapore under development

In recent years, Singapore has witnessed a drastic rise in the standards of luxury homes being developed in the city. Luxury homes such as the Palms at Sixth Avenue have completely changed the concept of luxury living in Singapore. These homes enjoy the finest locations in the city, and have easy and quick access to the most important landmarks of the city such as train and subway stations, shopping malls, the city hubs, cinema complexes, etc. As for internal features, these luxury homes are available with facilities such as heightened security systems, complete air-conditioned rooms, private swimming pools, and exquisite architecture coupled with furniture that go well with the architecture and color of the house.

Is it a good idea to invest on a luxury home in the city of Singapore?

Well, it is best to know that the many luxury homes in the city of Singapore are fairly expensive, and could quite easily blow a hole in your pockets. However, they are the best purchases if you want to experience luxury living conditions. Moreover, the luxury homes like the Palms Sixth Avenue Singapore are not just about luxury and elegance. They also offer the best value for the money that you for them. So, if you are planning to make an investment in a luxurious private home in the city of Singapore, it would certainly be one of the finest investments that you will ever make.

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Maryann Wilson is an expert on residential properties in the city of Singapore like the Palms at Sixth Avenue, with an association with the real estate market of the city for more than ten years. She, now, offers her expert knowledge in helping people invest in the finest homes in Palms Sixth Avenue Singapore.