Luxury condominiums seem to have become the most preferred housing option for a large number of people around the globe. In fact, luxury condominiums enjoy more preference among people than private housing options and luxury homes. The most important reason behind this is the fact that luxury condominiums allow people to enjoy an elite lifestyle at very cheap and affordable costs, something that cannot be associated with private or luxury homes. With private homes, a person might have comfortable living conditions, but might not be able to avail the luxurious lifestyle as that would prove to be very expensive and unaffordable.

On the other hand, luxury homes come with supremely luxurious facilities and amenities, but they are way too expensive for the common man in Singapore to afford. Luxury condominiums, however, help a person to avail the benefits of both worlds. With these luxury condos, a person will be able to enjoy luxurious and highly comfortable lifestyle that could rival the best luxury homes in Singapore, and yet they do not have to go out of their way to pay for the facilities that they avail. The primary reason behind this is the fact that with luxury condos, people get to enjoy joint ownership of all the luxury amenities on offer.

In case of private or luxury homes, a person would have to bear the complete cost of the construction, development and maintenance of every facility that they want. When they own a luxury condominium, on the other hand, they get to share the costs of development and maintenance of these facilities with other condo owners within the same complex. Hence, the average costs of every owner are reduced by a great margin. Moreover, the costs of the development of these facilities are often included in the purchase price, and owners only need to pay an average monthly charge for the maintenance of these facilities. The most common facilities that accompany luxury condominiums like the North Park Residences are swimming pools, parking spots, BBQ areas, gymnasiums, yoga rooms, etc.

Residential condos also offer extra security features that do not always accompany private housing structures. For example, if a person wishes to have extra security features in their homes, they would have to install intercom systems and CCTV monitoring systems. Luxury condominiums, on the other hand, have round the clock security staffs that monitor the complex in order to prevent any forced break-ins or unwanted entry into the buildings. Moreover, residents also have the presence of neighbors within close proximity to guarantee added security. Neighbors can also be of great help in times of emergency, when a helping hand is much needed, but might not always be available in private housing structures.

In an overall viewpoint, luxury condominiums like the Panorama condo offer much more convenience than private housing structures. Moreover, with the prices at which these condos are available for purchase, luxury living and a supreme lifestyle in the city of Singapore is no longer only reserved for the elite and the filthy rich!

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Alex K Robert has been working closely with condominium developments in Singapore for over a decade, and offers expert advice to new homemakers about luxury condominiums like the North Park Residences and the Panorama condo.