Although luxury pillows are sometimes referred to as ‘accessories’ that serve as an accompaniment to luxury bed linen, they are also an important part of making your bedroom truly luxurious and magical, in the sense of both how they look, and how they feel.

What is a bedding pillow?

Bedding pillows are designed to make sure your head and neck are aligned to your body while laying asleep in bed. They are crucial in preventing you from getting a sore neck or back and offer comfort and relaxation before you close your eyes. The magic lies in finding the right level of softness, firmness and support – once you have that, you’re in for a great night’s sleep. Our pillow collection at Dusk offers different levels of support with a variety of different fillings.

Pillow fillings

Duck feather pillows are one of the most popular choices of fillings for pillows. At Dusk, our duck feather and down pillows are made from light and airy duck down for softness and duck feathers for more dense support. Take a look at the range.

Goose down pillows are considered to be one of the most luxurious fillings by many. Our goose feather and down pillows at Dusk are filled with 80% down and 20% feathers and are extremely light and plush. Enveloped in cool cotton percale, these luxury pillows will help you achieve natural support and comfort, you can even place one on top of the other for a tailored level of support. See the goose feather pillow range for yourself.

If you are not able to use goose feather pillows or duck down pillows, due to allergens then you can opt for a synthetic filling. Our Feels Like Down range is made using 100% Microfibre filling, a material which is similar to down in terms of lightness and loftiness. It is made from synthetic fibres which are very small and slight and therefore replicate the qualities of soft down and feathers.

Our pillows at Dusk are wrapped in soft peach cotton casing, a material which is naturally hypoallergenic, providing an extra barrier against allergens like dust and mold. They are excellent in retaining their original shape and provide a medium level of support.

If you would like to see our full collection of magical feather and down pillows , synthetic filled pillows and goose down pillows then take a look at the regular sales and offers we hold at Dusk today.

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From design to production, the DUSK Bedding team works tirelessly to create bedding you will love at affordable prices without affecting the luxurious feel and quality we aim for. We hand select all the materials that go into making our range and work directly with the mill to produce beautiful bedding designed to our unique specifications. Each item is then tried and tested by the team to meet our high expectations of linen bedding sets before being made available to purchase from our website