Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Channel, Longines, Tissot, Rado, Blancpain and Piaget are the main ten extravagance watch producers positioned in the Chinese market in 2019. The extravagance market in China has been taking off from 2017 to 2018 with an accumulate development rate at 40%, which makes China a major likely market for extravagance makers to secure and contend. The extravagance watch market in China is assessed to be worth 19.4 billion RMB. 

 Men between the ages of 25 to 40 are the principle buyers in the extravagance watch market in China Luxury watch buyers in China purchase looks as to portray status and consider 5,000 RMB as a passage cost for extravagance watches. Customers learn data online however will in general buy extravagance watches in actual stores. "Swiss Settled on" watches are the best option for extravagance watch customers in China. 


Some acclaimed brands want to utilize delicate showcasing in the extravagance watch market in China. In spite of the fact that they don't sign any VIP to speak to their brands explicitly, they request that superstars be visitors at their image occasions, support film celebrations, or plant promotions in movies to upgrade the brand exposure. In 2012's Cannes Film Celebration, two Chinese film stars Chen Kun and Qing Hao were wearing Dior wristwatches. Furthermore, numerous other Chinese film stars were wearing extravagance observes as well: Zhou Xun with Channel, Gong Li with Louis Vuitton, and Liangchao Wei with Cartier. These are generally parts of the delicate promoting exertion made by extravagance watch brands. It is clear to see delicate showcasing has become a supportable promoting system generally utilized by extravagance watch makers to all the more likely contend in the extravagance watch market in China. 


Status and Rolex in China 

 Rolex watches are intended to speak to the privileged pay bunch people who carry on with an extravagant life. Subsequently, in contrast to Chopard, it utilizes undifferentiated specialty technique everywhere on the world, including the extravagance watch market in China. 

 Chinese netizens reactions to the Zhihu question 'what was the experience in the wake of buying your first Rolex in your life'. The reaction with the most upvotes said he had searched for a Rolex Yacht-Expert watch for a very long time in a wide range of nations lastly got it in a little Rolex selective store in London. He felt buying a Rolex watch was a defining moment in his life. At whatever point he had the inclination and strain to settle on a choice, the Rolex reminded him to quiet down in light of the fact that individuals who wear Rolex watches must be complex. At the point when he saw others were gazing at his Rolex, he felt glad and uncommonly fulfilled. Rolex was the primary extravagance watch brand that entered the extravagance watch market in China after the Chinese financial change. Rolex in China has an uncommon spot in the hearts of extravagance watch customers in China. They don't just regard Rolex as an image of extravagance and glory as other extravagance watches in China, yet additionally an ageless magnum opus. Albeit, a portion of the extravagance watch buyers in China don't accepting Rolex in territory China due to the restricted supplies and moderately greater cost.

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