Maybe I will, and maybe I won't.
Maybe I do, and maybe I don't.
If I'm to take action, I'll have to decide;
Commit to a choice to which I must abide.
~ Sylvia Henderson

So I shouldn't quit my day job and become a poet laureate?

I introduce to you, "may". It's an interesting word in the context of ideas.

I did some research and found out the following trivia about the word may.

may [mey]
auxiliary verb, present singular 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person; present plural

1. (used to express possibility): It may rain.
2. (used to express opportunity or permission): You may enter.
3. (used to express contingency, especially in clauses indicating condition, concession, purpose, result, etc.): I may be wrong but I think you would be wise to go. Times may change but human nature stays the same.
4. (used to express wish or prayer): May you live long, and prosper.
5. Archaic. (used to express ability or power.)
6. Sylvia's interpretation #1 (used to express lack of commitment) I may do what you suggest. I may show up at that networking event.

As a noun, it is…
7. the fifth month of the year, containing 31 days.
8. the early part of one's life, especially the prime: a young woman in her May.
9. a day of celebration: the festivities of May Day.
10. ( lowercase ) British . the hawthorn.
11. a female given name.
12. a cape at the SE tip of New Jersey, on Delaware Bay.
13. Sylvia's interpretation #2 (a good scrabble word assist) maybe; mayhem
As a verb used without an object…
14. ( lowercase ) to gather flowers in the spring: when we were maying.

Bet you didn't know there were so many ways to use the word "may"! I certainly didn't. So, what's the point? And how does this interesting, but seemingly irrelevant information relate to our idea universe?
To answer this I will use M-A-Y as an acronym where each letter represents a thought within the theme.

M = Make research a part of your discovery process. Allow yourself to branch off to seemingly innocuous trails. You never know where they may take you. Sometimes you'll get another idea or gain more information about the idea you already have. You'll get a different perspective on your idea with the additional detail you dig up.

A = Ask probing questions. This is difficult to do with yourself because you can't ask yourself questions you haven't thought of. (Read THAT three times!) Find a partner you trust will not post your new idea onto the social media net or bathroom wall. Tell her or him your idea and what you've thought through so far. Then ask her / him to ask you questions about what you've revealed. You are sure to get questions you had not thought to ask yourself. Happens all the time!

Y = Yardstick. (Hey…there aren't too many "y" words, and yew, yap, and yolk just don't make sense in this context!) A yardstick is a measurement tool, and my metaphor for taking stock of the details you've gathered. Organize the details you've gathered from research and probing questions, and take measure of the pros, cons, probabilities, and deterrents for each. This helps you determine whether your idea is viable to implement now, hold off until later, or drop completely.

If you're an "idea person" and all this seems to be too much effort to deal with, that's what I'm here for! I guide you through these procedures so that they aren't so daunting. Through my workshops, retreats, webinars, and coaching programs you work through each step with a trust partner and "personal sounding board" to get your idea details out of your head and get into action. Give me a call to schedule a complementary strategy session to see how we can work together to get your ideas to income!

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Sylvia Henderson, Founder of the Idea Success Network, helps individuals and teams reveal the power of their ideas and position their ideas for profit. Using her IMPACT© collaborative discovery & accountability process she provides a comprehensive set of services to help you convert your concepts to cash. Author of “Hey, That’s My Idea!” and other infoproducts, and host of a cable TV program, Sylvia gets you to realize and take action on your own “a-ha’s!” to make a difference in your life. Get tips & strategies that help you implement your ideas, and connect with Sylvia at